Why should you NOT remove the foam from the chela when you serve it?

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When the chela is served in a glass, one of its most attractive and distinctive parts appears: the foam. And someone may have told you that the less foam the drink has, the better hand or "technique" the person who serves it has, and it may be so, but whoever really knows about chelas is going to leave the foam in the jar. Why?

Asbjorn Gerlach, a German brewmaster, explains that the foam is born from the set of proteins that come from the malt, the hops and the natural carbon dioxide in the beer. The specialist recalls that this dense layer on the beer, in addition to having an aesthetic function, has an important physical utility: it does not allow the most fragile and volatile aromas to evaporate quickly (in other words, when you drink the beer you will be able to appreciate them better), it preserves carbon dioxide inside the liquid and, on the other hand, protects it against the ingress of oxygen.

Gerlach recommends serving the beer with two or three fingers of foam and tells us what is the reason why it can be affected, have less density or lose its creamy quality: that the glass is dirty. On many occasions the glass in which the beer is served contains traces of lipstick or was washed in along with other dishes with grease and oil, so check it well before serving.

¿Por qué NO le debes quitar la espuma a la chela cuando la sirves?

Depending on the styles, color and density of the foam, the experience will be different. We must remember that it influences the way we perceive a beer in our mouths, its density causes that creamy and full sensation on the tongue.

The foam also has a powerful physical effect that helps keep the beer contained within the glass and does not overflow when the liquid has relatively light movement.

The interest in the foam is such that there is even a company in the United Kingdom that created UltraBeer, a device similar to a toothbrush and that works with 40 kilohertz ultrasound. When introduced into a beer for a few seconds, it generates the foam that the drink had when it was served. It is an artificial but effective way to generate foam, although surely you prefer the traditional one, right?

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Why should you NOT remove the foam from the chela when you serve it?
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