Jalisco The Ministry of Health invites men and women to learn about family planning services

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The Jalisco Ministry of Health invites men and women of reproductive age to learn about and use the various services offered by the Family Planning and Contraception Program, which are offered permanently and free of charge in all the health centers it has. the state.

"We have 15 keys for contraceptive methods, which are distributed through health centers so that anyone who requests the service or wants to start contraceptive treatment," explained the state coordinator of the Department of Family Planning and Contraception of the OPD Services of Health Jalisco, Edgar Luna Macías.

The specialist stressed that it is the right of each man or woman to decide the number of daughters or sons they want to have and when to have them, health centers provide information about family planning services in a respectful and confidential manner, to meet the specific needs of each user or user. “An orientation-counseling is needed to see the needs of the user, what methods we can offer them according to their lifestyle and above all to maintain the sexual and reproductive right of every woman to receive family planning services in order to allocate or guide the method that is the most appropriate to what they are requesting from us”, added Luna Macías.

The SSJ recommends that when deciding on the contraceptive method; he or the user, either individually or as a couple, go to the health center for a control or follow-up appointment, and in case of presenting any symptoms it is important to mention it to the doctor. A contraceptive method can be used before pregnancy, after childbirth or after an abortion.

“During the counseling orientation interview, the risk factors of the people are analyzed, if there are some risk factors that predispose to acquiring or presenting a sexually transmitted disease, both the contraceptive method and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI) will be strengthened. ”, commented the state coordinator of the Family Planning program.

There are different contraceptive methods such as: Temporary (which prevent pregnancy during the time they are used, when their use is suspended the woman can get pregnant), Emergency (emergency pill), Permanent (they are minimally invasive surgical procedures that prevent pregnancy permanently: Bilateral Tubal Occlusion for women and VSB No-Scalpel Vasectomy for men) and Barrier (the use of the male or female condom is recommended to complement a hormonal method for dual protection (pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections).

Contraceptive methods impair a person's ability to reproduce temporarily or permanently. Currently, with modern methods, the changes or symptoms associated with the use of contraceptives have been reduced, and they are effective when used properly.

The methods offered in the health units are: combined oral hormonal type, monthly and bimonthly injectable, male and female condoms, contraceptive patches, emergency pill, subdermal implant with one or two rods, copper intrauterine device , medicated IUD and Microlut. All health units in the state offer the Family Planning service, it is free and confidential.


- From January to November 2021, 28,000 new users were served within the Family Planning Program, who adopted a contraceptive method, be it a barrier method, long-term or temporary (OTB and VSB are excluded).- From January to November 2021, 3,659 No-Scalpel Vasectomies were performed (men) Jalisco is a national leader in performing this procedure.

Jalisco The Ministry of Health invites men and women to learn about family planning services
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