Welcome to spring with the perfect mask for your skin

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1/17 Gwyneth Paltrow

This Saturday, March 20, we will welcome spring and, with it, the dreaded allergies, the first rays of sun, the progressive arrival of the air conditioning...Our skin also suffers at this time and that is why we must give the pampering that deserves.Given the current situation, we will continue to spend a lot of time at home, so you can take the opportunity to take care of the skin of your face with the latest news in facial masks.Here we present our favorites so that you look more radiant than ever!Have dry skin, sensitive, tired...There is an ideal for you.

- Copy the antioxidant juice of Karolina Kurkova if you want younger and bright skin


For dry skin

Aqua Bounce Flash mask of Biotherm is ideal when you feel your dry skin, strap and loss of hydration.Enriching with Life Planktontm and hyaluronic acid, the essential asset to return the hydration to your skin, this mask provides a dose of hydration instantly that leaves the skin soft, more elastic and bright...In just 15 minutes!

Price: 7 euros


For irritated skin

BIOSTHÉTIQUE SENSITIF.It contains a formula based on three components that not only reduce itching (even in sensitive skin), but also stimulate natural defenses and involve the skin in a transparent protective film.The combination of creatine and a natural algae extract provides and retains skin hydration.

Price: 32 euros

4/17 avene

For sensitive skin

This Avène mask intensively recharges sensitive and fatigued skins, since it is enriched with thermal water and hydro-nutritive assets.It contains a natural extract of red fruits, "reinforcement" of skin cells, combined with a stable form of antioxidant vitamin and.Your face is filled with energy and the signs of fatigue are erased, leaving radiant skin.

Price: 21.20 euros (sale in pharmacies and parapharmaciit is)


With soothing effect

If you love spring but you suffer allergies, it is very likely that your skin will end up being affected by it.To calm the possible irritations, there is nothing like a Korean mask with natural ingredients such as fresh to go cucumber mask Sheet, which offers a calming treatment based on cucumber.

Da la bienvenida a la primavera con la mascarilla perfecta para tu piel

Price: 1.90 euros (sale in Planet Skin)


In stick format

The 'Fresh Reth' mask Olay Clay Face Mask Sticks with pink mineral complex, micro-boils the surface cells that obstruct, instantly restoring the tired skin for a fresh appearance.It is perfect for specific renewal in areas that need an extra pampering or total skin restoration.

Price: 13.99 euros

7/17 skin-clinic

For more luminous skin

We recommend Biocelmask Illumina Effect of Skinclinic, a biocellulose mask that will illuminate your face by increasing its light and natural brightness.Renew the skin and eliminate damage caused by external agents, in addition to preventing photoenons.It is perfect for using weekly at home to complete your beauty routine.

Price: 20.90 euros (sale in Skinclinic.is and in specialized clinics)


Immediate lifting effect

Clarins' Sérum Liftant Masque is a multi-intense fabric type mask that provides a record effect in record time.Redensifies, smoothes the skin and helps to remodel the face of the face.

Price: 96 euros (five units)


For those who are in a hurry

Dreamskin 1 Dior Mask Minute: a new high -tech mask that renews the skin in just 60 seconds.The complexion is clarified and the imperfections are blurred thanks to this pearly gel that is transformed into cream for a chemical exfoliation, wrapping the skin in softness and freshness.After a minute, it is clarified to give way to a spectacular luminosity.

Price: 70 euros

10/17 catrice

At night

Hydro Evernight Mask of Catrice is a night action mask that gives an extra hydration to the skin thanks to vitamin C.The result is a radiant and deeply hydrated skin.This vegan mask is applied at night, after the usual cleaning routine, and lets you act while you sleep.In the morning, it is only necessary to remove it with water, and your skin will be ready to enjoy the good spring time.

Price: 6.89 euros


Cold effect

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticidad & Antigravedad Cryo-Mask Antiedad es una mascarilla de tejido inspirada en los tratamientos dermatológicos de crioterapia facial, que utilizan el efecto frío para tratar los signos de la edad de una manera eficaz pero respetuosa con la piel.This mask fits perfectly to the face so that the ingredients are released optimally, activating skin cells to produce their own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.In just 10 minutes, it gives the skin a smooth, firm, fresh and hydrated appearance, now perfect with the arrival of good weather that our skin needs an extra hydration.

Price: 2.99 euros


Extra hydration

Vitamin-C Remedy mask from pixi hydrates, illuminates and tones thanks to the mixture of citrus, green tea, ferulic acid and ginseng.This mask is full of nutrients and botanists, becoming an immediate revitalizing to leave your skin reaffirmed and brilliant.Apply a thick layer and let act for ten minutes.Then rinse.

Price: 24 euros

13/17 mi-rebotica

A two perfect one

A clean skin of impurities is synonymous with healthy and careful skin.Therefore, my rebootics presents its new peel-off mask antioxidant.A 100% natural product enriched with macha and niacinamide tea that cleans the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves elasticity, while acting as a leather barrier.This new mask combines the chemical action of the formula ingredients with an exfoliating effect, which takes off the dead skin cells while moisturizing it, providing greater softness and vitality.

Price: 23.90 euros


A more complete routine

EV LOM's illuminating mask encourages collagen production, moisturizes and increases moisture retention.100 % manufactured with natural cotton, this illuminating mask is an intensive treatment that will leave your skin shine like never before, besides being completely revitalized and uniform.Place it on clean skin and let it act for 15-20 minutes to absorb well.After that time, retir it and massage the remains that are product.• If you want, you can rinse your face, although it is not necessary.

Price: 50 euros (four masks pack)


Night regeneration

Rehydrating Facial mask by Camaleon Cosmetics acts while sleeping, helping to restore the properties of a hydrated skin.Avoid water loss, regenerates and nourishes the skin.It contains an asset from pine, demonstrated effectively, which provides a barrier effect against skin water loss.

Price: 2.50 euros (two dosit is)

16/17 grown-alchemist


Light, soft, delicate....The grown alchemist gel mask combats the signs of aging, increasing skin elasticity.In addition to hydrating and nourish.

Price: 69 euros


Baby skin

The Baby Baby Face Booster mask of Koss has been created by the group of dermatologists of the most famous aesthetic surgery clinic in Korea, Banobagi Clinic to leave your skin with the same effect as an aesthetic injection.With 100% cotton fabric, its formulation contains niacinamide, soybean extract and bija oil, ingredients that provide lightness and help treat the elasticity of the skin.

Price: 3.95 euros (sale in kossmetics.it is)

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Welcome to spring with the perfect mask for your skin
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