Abdominals: All keys to get a flat belly

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There is something that is beyond doubt: we all want to show off a flat belly.Therefore, it is not strange that many of the exercises we carry out in our training plan are aimed at improving the appearance of our abdominal zone.“The abdomen is one of the points where, for biological reasons (especially in the case of women), more fat, and before, it accumulates.That makes, naturally, cost more to eliminate it, both in men and women.Hormonal production and regulation plays an important role in it and makes it often difficult to reduce the area.Given the importance of food in the production of hormones, this makes food key in this process, ”tells us Julia Ndocky Ribas, personal and technical coach of the physical activity division of Metropolitan.Therefore, you may do hundreds and hundreds of abdominals, practically every day a week, and yet.

Abdominales: todas las claves para conseguir un vientre plano

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Abdominals: All keys to get a flat belly
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