We found these Rosalia sweatpants (for less than 13 euros, 'Yass')

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    The Rosalia!

    We've already given you some song from her, eh. I'm sorry, we can't help but keep in mind this woman, who has been with us in the helmets for three years now. Which is really just nothing, but look at everything you've achieved on a professional level: winner of a total of seven Latin Grammy, two MTV video Music Awards, one Grammy... Not to mention she's the first person in history to be nominated for the Grammy for "best New artist" with a Spanish debut album. -Hello?-Hi.

    Rosalia is magical, and not only in the music industry-where she already moves like a fish in the water-but she has a natural magnetism that many personalities like J Balvin or Kardashian-Jenner already enjoy, but more specifically Kylie, as you well know, AHA.

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    Hemos encontrado estos pantalones de chándal de Rosalía (por menos de 13 euros, ‘yasss’)

    And apart from all this, in the universe of fashion and beauty it has a great prescriptive power, that is, any 'thing' that surrounds it, becomes a tendency, whether it be an orange suspenders dress, XXL 'shoes' or short nails or 'random' ornaments. And the sweatpants he pulled in his last Instagram post was going to be no less. What are you gonna say, "but if it's gray." Yeah, but look at the bass, and now we'll explain it to you.


    In Bershka for less than 13 euros, the CHANDAL screens of ROSALIA are in Bershka.

    "... and now everything has changed, it's her turn." Sorry, again.

    Let's go back to the pants, because we found them exactly the same in Bershka for 12.99 €and with the perfect bass to create the effect of Rosalia, that is, with two rubber bands at the end of the leg.

    To make them look straight, like the singer's, you can turn the rubber around and let the leg fall with gravity. Although this season they will take the rubbers to the ankle, to give prominence to the shoes of your choice, as Bershka presents them, wow. Do you want them? You got'em.

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    We found these Rosalia sweatpants (for less than 13 euros, 'Yass')
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