Edgar Barrionuevo, the nutritionist who never eats breakfast

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I confess that one interviews a nutritionist and they get crazy desire to submit to the third degree. That confesses if what really likes are the pork hands that the grandmother prepared, assault the cupboard where her mother keeps the white chocolate or if she has never sunk the spoon in the condensed milk boat as if there were no morning. Anyway, there is life beyond broccoli. Edgar Barrionuevo, 41, has just published 'Fast' (Grijalbo, 2022), a book where he talks about the goodness of the intermittent fasting, a philosophy - life, he holds - among whose followers Mercedes Milá, Lydia Bosch or Nuria are counted Rock. This Catalan of Castelldefels - which is a first -time father, lies at nine o'clock at night, runs marathons and passes the olímpico breakfast - swears and perjuras that having "good habits" allows you from time to time to time a long one, which translated into Román Paladino means a blonde beer here, some cannelloni there ... to churros with chocolate and cream on Kings Day. How not to congratulate him?


05.00 hours.I have read a book for a long time, 'The club of 5 in the morning', and I confess that it came very well, especially now that the boy - Martin, his 2 -year -old son - has reached our lives.I wash my face, teeth ... First of all is to take out 'Kira', an 8 -year -old Australian shepherd, to turn around.She accompanies me all day, I wear her stuck as a shadow.

05.30 hours.A fast coffee and to work.For me, it is the most fruitful moment of the day.There are no WhatsApps, or emails, or calls ... No one bothers you.It is a time to study, to expand the knowledge of my profession.Now, for example, I am overturned with an advanced analytical course and biochemical parameters, which comes from pearls to deepen aspects that when they are not addressed, they leave a diagnosis.The typical "But how is everything right if I feel bad?"

08.00 hours.With me there is no breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar.I don't take anything until noon.My wife and I are a little while with the little one.Gloria is a model, physical trainer and disseminator in health and beauty issues.We are very in tune, there is nothing more to see what we are doing.Well, the fact is that we all go to the nursery by car, although it is three minutes from home.


Edgar Barrionuevo, el nutricionista que no desayuna nunca

09.00 hours.I'm going to run with 'Kira';It is crossing two streets and I am already stepping on the Garraf Natural Park.My sport is the 'trail running': I make mountain marathons and on Saturdays I go out to make races with my friends.In October we did the Salomon Ultra Pyrenees (94 kilometers and a positive slope of 6,200 meters), then we will go to the Montseny marathon, to Cap Creus ...

11.00 hours.I begin to consult with patients, either 'online' or face -to -face in my center, a clinic in the beach front line called Pure Corcore.We do both fasting withdrawals and health therapies, personal training, nutrition, psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology (PNIE) ... Yes, I know, how how to enter the presentation card [laughs].

14.00 hours.I've always been very kitchens, but now I reserve for weekends.As alone, because Gloria is still at work and my son is with his grandmothers.I prepare a wok of vegetables with broccoli, peppers, zucchini, and then some good quality protein, such as salmon or sardines that have left advanced the eve.I really like salads, with your carrot, your cucumber, chickpeas, seeds, turmeric ... avocados are never missing.Nor olive oil, how not if my family is from Jaén.


11.40 hours.Fasting does not just stop eating, it is a lifestyle;Not only does it remain, but it adds.Depriving yourself of eating forces the body to resort to its reserves, which is not always accumulating;a natural process that we have been exposed as a species throughout the evolution.And that is because our ancestors never lived a world of overabundance like the one that has touched us.It raises another metabolic, physiological and digestive scenario.For what purpose?Improve health and regenerate the body.

15.30 hours.The computer has become the essential tool, more when it touches recording and you have to prepare content for social networks.I have the YouTube channel, the Instagram ... The other day I interviewed Marcos Vázquez, the creator of 'Revolutionary Fitness', for a podcast.I form equipment with an editor and a community manager, who are responsible for segmenting the material and then upload it to the different platforms.

17.30 hours.Enough work.I am going to look for the child and take advantage that he is good to go to the Park of the Skters, to play with his friends or his premiums, which are from the same age and live to three streets.Back home, we make a little purchase, better if it is in ecological line establishments.From that moment on, Zafarrancho of Combat with the Child: prepare the bathroom, put the pajamas, make dinner ... and the story that does not miss.He loves 'Peter Pan'.With this life plan, how are we going to go out there?


09.00 hours.Today I am climbing.I practice in the interior climbing of Chris Sharma newly opened in Gavá.It is giant.

14.30 hours.To me, having in my day to day good habits allows me from time to time to take some license.For example, Churros Breakfast Day with chocolate and cream.And when I'm going to eat at my mother -in -law's house, she makes me an apple cake that is spectacular.And the same applies to some cannelloni, a seafood paella or gratin eggplants.What happens is that I also enjoy eating a salmon dish with broccoli, a little avocado and nuts.So regrets, none.


12.30.We live a stage of excessive cult of the body, when the key should go to accept ourselves as we are.And that looks great in eating disorders, where fasting is a red flag.I don't know how many times I have advised not to lose weight.Who opts for this route must always do so advised by professionals and in a climate of tranquility: if one is obsessed with losing weight, any benefit that can be obtained in return evaporates.When you forget to lose weight and look at health, the rest comes alone.

20.00 hours.The protein should not be missing at the table: ecological eggs, chicken hamburgers, a rodaballo, a good fillet ... the problem is posed by that meat that occurs intensively and that harms the same the sustainability as animal welfare.


Edgar Barrionuevo, the nutritionist who never eats breakfast
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