Video: Airline fires man for wearing a thong as a mask

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A thong as a face mask? A man was kicked off a flight after wearing a red thong instead of a face mask.

The airline United Airlines had to remove Adam Jenne, 38, from a flight for not complying with the stipulated sanitary measures.

Adam arrived at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida wearing panties instead of a mask.

Due to the above, airline personnel had to ask Adam to get off the flight.

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In the United States, there is a federal mandate that requires people to wear a mask in airports, trains, buses, airplanes and other transit stations.

If they do not comply with the mandate, they may be subject to a fine.

A video circulating on social networks shows Adam with the thong on his face, who alleges why he cannot use the garment as a mask.

After an argument, Jenne gets off the plane resigned. Another passenger questions the flight staff and asks them if they really are going to expel Adam just for wearing panties.

Days later, Adam gave an interview for WWBH in which he compared himself to civil rights advocate Rosa Parks.

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“Everything that has brought about change in this country has started with ordinary people,” he explained.

And then he added: “Rosa was not famous. She changed the course of history.” With that he tried to justify her action, which he took as "revolutionary."

According to Adam, this was not the first time that he had used underwear as a mask on a flight, although this could not be confirmed.

The airline later sent an email to the man in the red thong telling him that he was prohibited from flying with them, while his case was reviewed.



Video: Airline fires man for wearing a thong as a mask
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