Quality makeup: 8 characteristics that indicate that a lipstick is good

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The Covid-19 pandemic has generated unprecedented changes in people's routines, one of those transformations is the constant use of the mask that has become a fundamental part of the wardrobe. Indeed, many women have stopped making up their lips because, wearing a mask, the beauty of that part of the face will not be seen.

However, it is important to note that, with or without a mask, it is necessary to pay attention to lip care and keep in mind how to highlight them. That is why Gabriela Uribe, the makeup manager of a well-known brand that sells beauty products by catalog in Colombia, highlights eight characteristics that a perfect lipstick should have:

What should a lipstick have to be perfect?

Fresh and smooth healthy appearance

More than just providing color, the beauty of lips is also found in how healthy they are. For this, a product with hyaluronic acid should be sought, since it will maintain the hydration of the skin, while rebuilding its tissue.

Instant volume

To fulfill this characteristic, the lipstick must contain collagen, which is the component that provides elasticity and hydration to the skin, so it will provide an appearance of greater volume.

Help restore the firmness and texture of the lips

Age is also reflected on the lips, so, in addition to hyaluronic acid and collagen, the ideal lipstick must have components such as caffeine that offers essential antioxidants to attack free radicals caused by skin aging.

Fill in lip lines

By having a product that fills in the lines thanks to the ingredients that have already been mentioned, you will not only achieve fuller lips, but also more moisturized ones.

Smooth lips even after removing the product

Today there is a technology called Hialu Smart that helps a lipstick continue moisturizing and softening, even after makeup has been removed.

Lipstick should provide moisture even when removed. Photo: Shutterstock

Intense hydration for several hours

This is achieved with ingredients such as pomegranate extract that contains various vitamins and antioxidants.

Maximum coverage for an intense and striking color

This is one of the characteristics that women most look for in a lipstick, but it is essential that the product provides the desired color without neglecting the protection of the lips.

ultra-creamy finish

Finally, the ideal lipstick must satisfy that radiant look that women are always looking for, even behind the mask.

Today women are more aware that being healthy also goes hand in hand with physical appearance. Indeed, wearing a mask is the new reality for all people, but this should not cause us to neglect that part of the face as powerful as the lips.

Quality makeup: 8 characteristics that indicate that a lipstick is good
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