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Hello friend and stop friend with style, as usual I welcome you to our space to exchange about beauty, fashion and styles.

Skin creams may be, without a doubt, one of the most used cosmetic products but not always in the most appropriate way.That is why I think I am important to comment on these products and the most appropriate way to use them.Let's start defining what a beauty cream is.

A cream is a method used for the application of one or more active ingredients of a plant.It consists of dissolving them in an oily or greasy base mixed in water.Beauty creams are very useful cosmetics to improve skin conditions and get it to present a better appearance.They have a double function.On the one hand, they help clean the remains of sweat, sebum, dead cells (keratinized), dust, smoke, etc..On the other hand, they protect it against the insensitive loss of water and defend it against external aggressions such as cold, sun, etc..In addition to nourishing it if its component allowed this.

Creams are emulsions that contain water and oils.They can be water emulsions in oil (w/o, water in oil, in English, oil is the majority part) or oil in water (O/W, water is the majority).W/o creams are very unusual because they leave very fatty skin, they are usually used for ointments against joint pain (mixed with essential oils) or to make specific products, such as cracked heels, or lipsticks.Facial creams for daily use are emulsions or/w, that is, the majority component is water.They contain variable proportions of vegetable oil (8 to 25%).

If a cream contains a proportion of elevated oil (15-25%), it is considered rather a nutritious cream.If on the contrary, it contains little fat (lower 15%), it will be a moisturizing cream.Nutritional creams, being more fat, are often used at night to give time to the absorption of active cosmetics.

Parada con estilo Cuando de cremas se trata (+Audio)

As for the ingredients, we have that those made with high quality ingredients have higher properties.For example, rose mosquel oil obtained by cold extraction contains Tretinoin, with skin regenerating properties.It also happens that we find some creams announced with the best ingredients when they actually have few nutritional principles for skin

The quality of a cream depends largely on the first matter with which it is made, for example, if vegetable oils are top quality (of cold pressure).We must also look at whether they contain allergenic substances such as essential oils or contraindicated substances.

When buying a cream it is always recommended to consult the list of ingredients.It is normal for information totally unknown to the user, but after comparing different types of cosmetics, the client will acquire knowledge and experience in it.

The order by which the ingredients of a cream are appointed is important, because the components are indicated from greater to less quantity.In other words, the first ingredient mentioned is the majority.As we know, creams are oil emulsions in water, so water, being the main ingredient, will be the first on the list.Other higher quality cosmetics use aloe (aloe) gel instead of water.

For example, if a product is sold as "argan oil cream", we must expect argan oil to be among the first ingredients of the list (the largest concentration)

There is an aspect in which we must be careful because it tends to confuse.It can be the case that a product can assume that it contains 100% Aloe Vera, while what the label really means is that it contains 100% natural aloe vera, but does not specify what proportion of Aloe gel contains.Looking in the ingredients we see that the majority of the product is water and that Aloe Vera juice is the 6th ingredient.That is, nothing to do with what we thought.

In relation to the way of applying the cream, the container must explain it.However, there are general rules such as: it will be applied to the affected area if it is the case.Facial creams apply to the face, neck, neckline.Moisturizing creams are preferably used in the morning.Nutritional creams (greater proportion of oil) are usually used preferably at night, because they can leave more fatty residue on the skin.Using them at night, we give time to absorb the nutrients of the cream.

Undoubted.On the subject I will be commenting on the audio file.

Friend and friend, if you were one of the people who bought any type of cream thinking that at the end cream by cream no matter, I hope that the information I have given to you be useful at least to be more selective when deciding thatCREAM APPLY ON YOUR SKIN.Remember that my email is at your disposal in case you want to consult any concerns or ask for any information.The address is: krishna@nauta.Cu

Stop with style when creams are (+audio)
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