Miriam Quevedo, the detective of capillary cosmetics that travels with three need

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When Miriam Quevedo opened the first Hair Spa in Spain in the Eastern Mandarin of Barcelona nobody was very clear about what that was.The same happened when, almost 20 years ago, he began talking about capillary aging and the importance of caring and exfolling the scalp to maintain his balance.Today many have followed their steps and "you will take care of hair like your skin" has become a mantra of the new beauty."I did not find products that I liked and, animated by my husband, at the head of a laboratory, I decided to create my own formulas," he recalls.

It was not a newcomer to the world.Miriam developed her most investigative and curious facet and the taste for the "linked to earth" assets in her mother's herbalism.There, surrounded by plants and herbs of ecological cultivation and botanical ingredients, learned to know their properties and select the best quality.

With the Miriam Quevedo brand installed in the facial and capillary prémonic sector and very well positioned in the international market - it is present in 41 countries - it maintains a habit also acquired between medicinal herbs and botanical extracts: a very complete vademécum in which the story consists of,The origin and traceability of each active ingredient used in its formulas, clinical studies, why it has been chosen and why it has been incorporated into a specific product.

You will take care of hair like your skin "

"If you don't contribute anything, I don't want it," says Miriam.What characterizes its brand is effective: "My products do more than they say," he says.It takes to develop them and likes to work thinking where he wants to be "five or ten years old".Oligoements, biotechnology, latest generation peptides ... "and a long and growing list of ingredients, such as parabens, who have no place in my proposals," he says.He has his own R&D team and bets on green chemistry.More or less recycled perfectionist - "I try to talk more about positive attitude and do things well enjoying the way" -, it is still demanding and every four years updates all its formulas.

Without barriers.She is used to breaking walls, she does not usually accept a non -response if she has not tried to find the solution before, and she knows how to challenge and push her teams.“I faced many barriers and I had to make a great waste of energy.Before a shampoo washed;When I introduced active as gold to stimulate its regeneration and turn it into treatment, many called me crazy.New ideas were not supported.Now all that has changed to better, ”he says.

When something catches my attention, I don't stop, I investigate, "I ask"

Miriam Quevedo, la detective de la cosmética capilar que viaja con tres neceseres

Aging well.He confesses that in his environment he is called the private detective of cosmetics: "When something catches my attention, I investigate, I ask, I look for all the information within my reach, I listen ..." Where does the future point out?“Very powerful and multifunctional ingredients focused on regeneration and well-g.It will be a joint trip accompanied by a healthier diet and the well -being of the mind.The ones that once believed usuperwoman now we know that we are not.Self -demand overdose is no longer cool.

A proud backpack."I have been a backpack of projects," defines its beginnings.Of the first stand that "fell on us" to become number one sales in South Korea and see their products well placed in the USA.UU., Middle East, Eastern Europe ... "It's a pride," he says.Like seeing their products as amenities in the rooms of the Eastern Mandarin de Barcelona.

A bigger bag than the suitcase.Travel with little clothes and black pants such as off -road but usually have up to three need.“I am a light suitcase because, if I need something, there is always a zara near any part of the world.The ones in case I leave them for beauty.I always carry a bag for the face, with many creams, masks and eye contour;one with shampoos and hair products of my brand and a first aid kit that I never get, ”he explains.

What do you think would surprise your luggage and closet?“The coloring.I have even spent black and even dare with the blue blond socks.I have also asked my mother to take care of crochet flowers to put them in my clothes, ”he says.


The first thing it does when getting up.Drink a glass of water with lime or lemon.

The dream trip.Go to see the Boreal Aurora.There is an isolated observatory that I already have in mind.

A whim to stimulate good humor.Chocolate never fails.

Two essentials for a luxury hair.Extreme Caviar Exfoliating Scalp Mask and Black Baccara Bond Rejuvenating Luxe Cure.The first was cast almost 20 years ago and remains one of my essentials to treat the scalp as it deserves.The second is a shock repair treatment with immediate effect.

Plan to disconnect.Walk through the forest

A series to repeat.Many, from Friends to Game of Thrones.

Spa to remember.The East Mandarin de Doha.I am crazy with the rituals and personalized experiences of the spas and there they have therapists around the world and an impressive space of 2.500 square meters.

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Miriam Quevedo, the detective of capillary cosmetics that travels with three need
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