835 million dollars are needed to address the reproductive health of 54 million women |UN news

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Vital Sexual and Reproductive Health Services are more important than ever, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said Monday, which makes a value of 835 million dollars to provide assistance to people in crisis situationsduring 2022, in the presentation of its latest annual humanitarian report.

The objective is to reach more than 54 million women, girls and young people in 61 countries, who have seen how their deficiencies are increased due to conflicts, Covid-19 pandemic and other world problems.

"It is essential to assume that sexual and reproductive health services are not secondary to other forms of emergency services, but that they save lives.And now, when the world faces multiple catastrophes that overlap, they are more crucial than ever, "said the agency.

Get to vulnerable people   

For the third consecutive year, Yemen is the country with the highest insufficiencies, which requires about 100 million dollars of urgent aid, according to the report.

Recent estimates reveal that every two hours a woman dies during childbirth, and that one million pregnant women and infants suffer severe malnutrition.

The funds will serve to provide support to the vital work of people such as Dr. Samar in the Jiah district in Yemen, which sees the lives of women too often danger.Not

The doctor remembers the recent story of Safiya, a woman who was taken to the clinic by her husband in shock for an ectopic pregnancy.

Se necesitan 835 millones de dólares para atender la salud reproductiva de 54 millones de mujeres | Noticias ONU

"I explained to Safiya's husband who needed an urgent surgical intervention to save his life," recalls Samar."His eyes filled with tears; he was devastated ... [he said]: 'I have no money to rent a car to go to the hospital'".

The health center in which the Samar works does not have ambulances, and recently has resumed its services after having forced themselves to close for about a year due to lack of financing.

Fortunately, thanks to the support of the Population Fund, Dr. Samar was able to get a car to move Safiya to the nearest hospital, which is about two hours away. 

La directora del Fondo de Población, la doctora Natalia Kanem (a la izquierda) habla con una paciente en un hospital en Yemen.

Venezuela among the ten most needy countries

Stories such as this are included in the report, which places Syria as the second country with the greatest need for humanitarian financing for sexual and reproductive health services.

More than 68 million dollars are necessary for services that include protection and response to gender violence, and also to supply essential products such as female hygiene kits that contain menstrual compresses and soap, and shelter clothes for winter.

In Latin America and the Caribbean more than 90 million are needed, Venezuela requires 27 million and Haiti 25;They are followed by Peru with 17, Colombia 14, and Ecuador and Brazil with three million each.

They complete the list of the ten countries that need the most subsidy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Lebanon, in addition to those already mentioned.


The fund informed that, after Haiti's earthquake last August, gender violence, including violations and kidnappings, are much more widespread, which has caused a greater vulnerability of women and girls.

Taina Camy, an expert from the agency in prevention and treatment of gender violence, explained that displaced people are more vulnerable because they are no longer in their homes and live among strangers.In addition, they do not have access to basic services, such as bathrooms.

"It is very difficult to hear horrible stories of women who have suffered sexual abuse," he said recently.

"I talked to an 89 -year -old woman who had been raped by a group of young people and with the mother of a three -year -old girl who had also been raped". 

The UNFPA provides advice and medical services, and works with the local organizations and authorities of Haiti to improve the conditions of the people affected by the earthquake.

The UN agency also helps to restore health services, since many health facilities were damaged during the earthquake.

Collaboration with communities

UNFPA has helped millions of people around the world throughout this year.

Whenever possible, assistance is provided directly through associations with women and youth in the area.

Until now, UNFPA has provided sexual and reproductive health services to almost 30 million women in 2021.More than 4.3 million adolescents and young people also received adapted services for them.

The UN Agency also attended more than 1.5 million births, supported the family planning services of six million people and guaranteed that more than 2.4 million survivors of gender violence received psychosocial support, assistanceLegal and training on subsistence media.

In addition, at least two million people received personal protective equipment to continue providing essential services during pandemic.

835 million dollars are needed to address the reproductive health of 54 million women |UN news
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