Learn to prepare the best natural masks for skin and hair

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Now that the quotes to go to the hairdresser or to make a facial treatment have been postponed, the natural and accessible ingredients become the best resources to shine to the hair or hydrate in depth the skin.Raw materials such as avocado oil or olive.Because you just have to look in the kitchen to prepare the recipes with which to feel more beautiful without leaving home, such as the mixture based on honey and lemon juice with which to give life to the strands off.This is what you need to buy on your next visit to the supermarket to prepare these 5 homemade masks:

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Avocado and lemon juice for a bright hair

Andrew Fitzsimmons, a Kourtney Kardashian hairdresser, revealed a few months ago that this is the secret of the bright hair of the Telerreality star: a homemade mask based on a and a half avocado, two spoonful tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of honeyfrom Manuka and, finally, the juice of half lemon squeezed.Thanks to the mixture that the expert recommends to extend from the roots to the tips and clarify after 45 minutes, it is possible to hydrate the hair, shine and repair the damage accumulated by the use of heat tools or colorations.

Cucumber and yogurt for light skin

The cucumber has been demonstrating its power to treat the skin of the face and the image of someone with a slice of this vegetable in each eye is already part of the collective imaginary.Meritxell Martí, pharmaceutical and collaborator of Hola.com, explains that the reason why this ingredient is an ally of beauty is its high vitamin C content, with antioxidant effect and tone illuminating.To enhance the benefits of cucumber and transform it into the ideal care for fatty skin you just have to mix it with yogurt, for its extra freshness with moisturizing action.

Aprende a preparar las mejores mascarillas naturales para la piel y el pelo

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Egg and lemon for fatty skin

This time is Kendall Jenner the author of a recipe with which to balance fat production and purify the pores.It achieves it with the juice of half a lemon and an egg clear, an explosive mixture with the astringent, exfoliating, antimanchas and regenerating properties of citric acid, proteins and vitamins of group B.In addition, the clear is known for the tensioning and regenerating effect that it achieves on the skin.Meritxell's trick to give more consistency to the mask consists of adding a tablespoon of oatmeal in normal skins and yogurt in the case of acne.

Dry hair almond oil

The necessary ingredients to prepare this homemade mask with which to nurture the mane in depth and combat the open tips are three tablespoons of almond oil, the yolk of an egg, a tablespoon of olive oil and another of wheat germ.After mixing everything until you get a homogeneous paste, you just have to massage it from the root to the tips and let it act for 20 minutes before clarifying it with water.

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Avocado and honey for dehydrated faces

Finally, avocado and honey become the protagonists of a recipe that will enjoy those who have very dry skin and need to recover comfort.Our pharmacist praises the benefits of this winning duo that joins its moisturizing power to the bactericidal action that honey possesses.The step by step is as simple as mixing half avocado with a tablespoon of the second protagonist of the recipe until a uniform mixture is obtained, then applied to the face and they are expected about 20 minutes before removing it with water.

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Learn to prepare the best natural masks for skin and hair
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