6 professionals from the ‘K-Beauty’ tell what to do to show off this summer

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Beauty talked with the experts on how to protect our skin this summer, either with cleaning and refreshing products or increasing the FPS

By Tish Weinstock

Whether you are about to go on vacation to a safe tropical island or rest staying at home, the time has come to plan your skin care routine for this summer.Warm climates can have innumerable effects on our skin, from dehydrating ourselves by heat to cause damage caused by UV rays.

So what can we do to protect it?We have asked some of the main experts in K-Beauty and skin care to give us their proven efficacy advice.

1.Sarah Oh, founder of the skin care blog and K-Beauty Oh My Gloss

“Heat and humidity make our pores produce more sweat and fat, so [in summer] the skin can give the feeling of being dirtier than usual.However, it is important to make our skin care routine soft, even when cleaning our skin.People tend to clean it too much and use strong.

Using a low pH cleaner is a delicate but effective way to get rid of impurities daily keeping our skin.In the K-Beauty, the cleaning is the most important step, so performing it as it will make your summer routine closer to success more.A technique trick: make small wavy movements with the fingertips in each section of the face for a minute.

“My husband and we love using the low pH cleaner 107 Chaga Jelly.It leaves you completely clean, does not leave movie and the green tea leaf dust and the aged vinegar of its formulation slightly exfoliate the skin ”.

two.Elisa Lee, founder of the K-Beauty Dot Skin products website

“The sunscreen is a must daily, even if you stay at home or you're just going out for a few minutes.I like Aloe Soothing Sun Cream Sun Cream Cream because it doesn't leave a white movie, it's not sticky and it's great under makeup.It is also necessary to throw sunscreen again throughout the day.I also recommend applying it to the neck and hands, in addition to using a Lip balm with FPS;These are the areas of which people usually forget, but they are super important.Oh, and wears a hat or hat to protect the face of sunlight.

"During the summer I love using refreshing products.My suggestion is that you fill the fridge of masks and patches for the eye contour to achieve an even more refreshing effect.I love using skin care tools and also putting them in the fridge, such as the spheres of the Paris Ice Globes of Fraîcheur.My favorite is the ice roller that I use to massage my Sheet Mask.

6 profesionales de la ‘K-beauty’ cuentan qué hacer para presumir de piel este verano

“I also recommend using light but moisturizing products, such as Keep Cool's Soothe Bamboo tonic and Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Lothe Lotion.Or you can also use farts or facial tonic, which are always light and refreshing, such as the pyunkang yul tonic or the cosrx cosrx sparklel water alcohol tonic.I also love Benton's soothing gel - it is refreshing and calms the skin.It works wonderfully with solar burns.If you have acne, I recommend using the midnight soothing cream Blue de Klairs because it refreshes the skin while treating acne outbreaks ”.

3. Coco Park, fundadora del blog de reseñas The Beauty Wolf y coautora de Korean Beauty Secrets (Skyhorse, two018)

“My biggest advice when taking care of the skin in summer is a mantra divided into three parts, but it really has no major complication.Refresh, simplify and soften!First of all, for me, everything that comes after the cleaner lives inside the refrigerator during the summer months.There is nothing more refreshing than a Tissue type mask or gel patches for very fresh eyes.When my skin is hot, it is also irritated and put on the defensive, so cold products help soften and calm it down.I am obsessed with the sprays but since I have dry skin my mists have to carry more than water.GEL BRUME REAL COLLAGEN DE FARM STAY is like a spray moisturizer and I love it.

“The warmest are not the best time to use chemical exfoliants.A good philosophy is to conceive summers for maintenance and winters for treatments.The sunscreen is always very important, but it is even more important when we spend time away from home ”.

4.Katherine Spawart, founder of the K-Beauty Skin Full of Seoul blog

“My skin heats a lot, and that is one of the aspects that Shangree Spa's estheticists, in Seoul, helped me learn how to treat.Joo-eun Kim, the director of the SPA, explained that when you have hot skin you should only use your hands to apply any skin care product, since cotton discs and other tools can cause even more friction to the product of theheat.It also let me know that dry and reddened skin becomes much faster, so it is important to rehydrate with tonic and refreshing masks ”.

5.Sarah Lee, executive and co -founding co -director of the Glow Recipe beauty brand

“When you are little in Korea you always see your mothers and grandmothers make their beauty rituals.For them it was a common practice to rub the cold skin of watermelon on our back in the warmer summer months.It relieved and took care of our miliary instantly, so this fantastic fruit was what inspired our first product - the sleeping mask Watermelon Glow - and since then it has become one of the characteristic formulas of Glow Recipe to get a natural skin andshimmering.Watermelon is rich in water, vitamins, amino acids and anti -inflammatory minerals, which is why it works good as moisturizing and soothing for the skin.

“This mask is a fantastic soothing treatment after a day exposed to the sun;You can use it as a last step in your routine to go to sleep, or as a cleaning treatment (for 10 minutes) to have a smooth skin and instantly calmly.In addition to watermelon, it has hyaluronic acid and ahas (alpha hydroxyacids) to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, something that makes it ideal for all skin types.I love putting it in the frigo at least 30 minutes before the application for an extra dose of freshness.Our first beauty memories have inspired the innovations that we carry out in Glow Recipe and remind us of the effectiveness of natural ingredients.

“Another good advice to combat skin dirt accumulations is to pamper you with clay -based facial treatment.Traditionally, clay masks have often been too strong for all types of skins, especially sensitive or dry, so we recently launched facial treatment based on Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-right clay.Our clay with hyaluronic acid releases the skin of dead cells and impurities, while chemical exfoliants, watermelon enzymes, salicylic acid and polyhydroxyacids help cleanse congested pores.This facial treatment of only 5 minutes, combined with smooth dusty dusts of cranberry seed, leave the skin softer, bright and clean.

6.Christine Chang, executive and co -founding co -director of the Glow Recipe beauty brand

“Watermelon is an softening and soothing ingredient that mixes wonderfully with a multitude of active elements.We love to formulate products that seek to hydrate, soften and balance the skin with watermelon extract, taking advantage of its soothing and softening properties.

"The three essential products to have a healthy skin during the summer are the Watermelon Glow Pha + Bha Pore-The-Term.

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6 professionals from the ‘K-Beauty’ tell what to do to show off this summer
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