10 products that cannot be missing in your cosmetiquera at incredible prices at the Amazon MX Beauty Festival

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Although we must remain at home due to pandemic, there is no better way than to follow a routine that keeps us active and healthy, that also applies to our personal arrangement.From the beginning of confinement we have seen psychologists and experts to talk that it is best to have habits that make us feel good.

And there is nothing to women that make them better than look good at all times.Maybe that's why big brands are betting on introducing comfortable fashion to be home, but no less flirtatious.

That is why we gave ourselves the task of finding these beauty products that are super accessible in prices.Many blogers use them in their videos to demonstrate the same efficacy as more expensive brands.In addition, he has a special discount for being within the Beauty Festival of Amazon Mexico.

Maybelline Makeup Corrector Instant Age Rewind, Neutralizer

It is an anti-steering facial corrector that can be used as a concealer in other areas (the corner of the lips, eyebrows, etc), also as a base or contour in other areas or luminator.It contains Goji berries to hydrate and haloxyl as a treatment for dark circles.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX on offer of 26% of $ 175 to $ 129.fifty.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Makeup Base, Natural Beige

Makeup base that matifies and controls normal to mixed skin.Fit is adapt to your skin tone and with its micropoly formula controls the fat and thus decreases the appearance of open pores.

10 productos que no pueden faltar en tu cosmetiquera a precios increíbles en el Beauty Festival de Amazon MX

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX on offer of 14% of $ 165 to $ 162.

Spray makeup fixative matte finish, nyx professional makeup

This NYX spray is used by professionals thanks to its vegan formula.It is sprinkled at a distance of 5 cm from the face and let it dry for a few seconds so that our makeup lasts all day with a matte finish.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX on offer of 12% of $ 260 to $ 228.

Maybelline eyebrow ointment, Brow Tatto, Dark Brown

This sculp and defined eyebrow ointment thanks to its double -tip applicator that separates thanks to its brush and its angle tip allows you to define with great precision.The ointment can last up to 24 hours since it is water resistant.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX at $ 245.


Matte liquid eyeliner in black, special to achieve the perfect cat with an intense black.Its brooch allows professionals and beginners to delineate precisely to achieve the desired looks.Its formula, like almost all NYX products, is Vegan.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX on offer of 28% of $ 240 to $ 178.fifty.

L'Oreal Paris Waterproof Mascara, Bambi False Lash

This mask of eyelashes has an water -resistant proven formula.You do not need to use a eyelashes prior to the application because its alraga consistency and gives volume to the eyelashes, hence they will baptize it as “Bambi Eye” because it has a post -tab effect.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX on offer of 30% of $ 245 to $ 170.

Shadow Palette Shadow Palette, Nyx Professional Makeup, Warm Neutrals tone

Great selection of colors of these super trend shadows.Its neutral tones allow you very current looks for both winter and summer, using the lightest tones with bright effects.One of the most wanted palettes in stock and with discount.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX at $ 869.

Indelible liquid lipstick matte ink maybelline, Amazonian tone

Your formula offers you up to 16 hours on your lips, you will also not let the vessels or people, clothes or anything that your mouth.It is recommended to delineate the lips before with a similar color pen for a more precise finish.Also in other tones.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX on offer of 11% of $ 165 to $ 147.

Eyebrow gel, Freak Nyx Professional Makeup control

It is a transparent gel to keep the eyebrow combed, fixed and instead.It is easily applied thanks to its precision brush, you will also have the security of a perfect eyebrow all day.Vegan formula.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX at $ 215.

L'Oreal Paris Rubor Powder, Blush Melon Dollar Baby

This fun blush with a sardine smell is a superfine powder that facilitates its application.It goes with all skin types and brings a very natural glow due to your pink tone.It can also be used as an illuminator in certain areas.

Buy it on Amazon.com.MX at $ 249.

Yahoo undertakes to find the best products at the best prices.We can receive a part of the purchases made through the links on this page.Prices and availability are subject to changes.

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10 products that cannot be missing in your cosmetiquera at incredible prices at the Amazon MX Beauty Festival
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