Thus you get your makeup lasting impeccable night

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The idea is that your makeup endures everything: from dinner with your family to dances with your friends;Of the kisses and achuchones with all the people with whom you are finding the exchange of smiles with that lovely unknown that looks at you from the other side of the bar when the night is about to finish.If what you want is for your face to remain perfect (and wonderful) during all those hours, you have to listen to us in everything.

1.Mima your skin before starting

Use a mask that hydrates your face in depth.There are 10 minutes of intensive cure that drives dryness and nourishes enough so that, when you apply creams and makeup funds, do not bounce.But, let's affinate even more: a couple of days before, you should include in your routine a tonic with peeling Aha’s, which subtle and without irritating the surface layers of dead cells.

1.Jumiso Chewy Elasticity Mask of Helloskin (€3.99).In Miin.two.Ready Steady Glow Daily Aha Tonic from REN (€ 44)./d.r.

two.Preparation is essential

First is the keyword.If you have not heard it so far, sign it.Its mission is to create a straightening layer that hides imperfections, corrects red and reduces the appearance of your pores.But it has other important objectives: it facilitates the application of the base (it slides better) and acts as a kind of glue so that makeup, which adheres to it immediately, remains in its place.

1.Time-Flash Active Base Express of Filorga (€39.90).two. Prebase Prep & Matte de Lancôme (47 €)./d.r.

3.Makeup and correction, conscientiously

Así consigues que tu maquillaje dure toda la noche impecable

If you want a lasting effect, start by correcting.Do it with a bar or an aceler makeup at the points where you need to rectify spots or granites.Press with the fingers to be founded and applied on top.Water me on the back of your hand, give it with your fingers and extend from the center of the face to the outside.Polish with the brush, with circular movements.

1.Clarins Skin Illusion Makeup Base (€ 40).two.Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick of Hourglass (€ 50).In Sephora./d.r.

Be careful with touch -ups:

4.Intelligent strobing

We all agree: it takes the light skin.But the line between shine and disco ball is very fine and can ruin the night.Before throwing yourself without brake on powder illuminators with impossible metal reflexes, testing with more subtle tools, such as illuminating brush or prebase with pearly microparticles.Insists on the cheekbone bone and the birth of hair.

1.Stylo Lumière de Sisley (€ 48).two.Wonder Glow Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash by Charlotte Tilbury (€ 49.55).In Sephora./d.r.

5.Armored eyelids

Yes, there are also specific eyes for the eyes.And we assure you that they will change your life.Above all, if you like to make your multipaletas of shadows and hate that the fold of your eyelids end up devouring your creations.It is applied before starting with the smoky or eyeliner, and is sealed with translucent powders.

1.Under (cover) Coconut Eye first (€two9.55) by Marc Jacobs Beauty.In Sephora.two.Essentialist Eye Palette de Shiseido (€ 47).3.Shadow palette 5 couleurs make a wish in Dior Moonlight tone (€ 61)./d.r.

6.Red and perfect all night

Is the rouge your infallible weapon of seduction?Well we have the tricks so you don't spend all night doubting whether it will continue in place.Nourish your lips and apply a prebase to unify.Delineates conscientiously and filled with pencil.Apply the bar with brush, seal with a paper handkerchief and repeat now with the bar directly.

1. Collection Libretwo018 Maximalisme La Palette Caractère (65 €) de Chanel.two.Lip First of Anastasia Beverly Hills (€twotwo.55)./d.r.

7.Set the result

It is the same hair lacquer system, but applied to makeup.These sprayers contain assets that help all the color of color you have created (from the lips to the eyes) to adhere to the skin.They also create a very fine transparent protective film that serves as a barrier against smoke, liquids and pollution.And provide luminosity and hydration.

1.Fix it forget it setting spray of Lancôme (€ 34).two. Top Secrets Setting Spray de Yves Saint Laurent (56,70 €)/d.r.

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Thus you get your makeup lasting impeccable night
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