These are the makeup trends that will make everyone fall in love in Valentine

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Valentine's makeup month of love is just around the corner and that is why your look should impact.Whether you celebrate it with your partner or be single, let yourself take and play with your makeup where red will always be the protagonist.

By Cecimimo Kerch

The most romantic month of the year and Valentine's Day are about to arrive, that is, the ideal excuses to show new looks and experiment with makeup.

So if you are in the midst of the plans for Valentine's Day, makeup must be one of your essentials to surprise your partner or simply have a friends out, if you are single, and still want to celebrate theHaving to have love in your life.

Although perhaps there are still some pandemic restrictions, that does not mean that you cannot have an appointment at home and take the opportunity to play with your makeup and create a special look for the occasion.

And if you don't know what to do, here we leave you some makeup inspirations to dazzle this Valentine's Day according to your personality.

Brightness and electric colors in style

We are sure that the tendency that Euphoria has left will last at least all this 2022 and for this Valentine the protagonist will always be the eyes full of bright, either with shadows loaded with brightness or the typical gels that have stars, in addition to thestones that can decorate your eye and that are held with the same glue of the false eyelashes.

Estas son las tendencias de maquillaje que enamorarán a todos en San Valentín

To give that love twist, a delineated with hearts will make you the sensation.Use a shadow of cold colors, ‘Cut Crease’ shines, and instead of making the typical delineated, make several colored hearts.


If you like to make up but it is afraid of extravagance, in this Valentine's Day opts for discreet pink tones and a different delineated.Preferably do it if your appointment is in the afternoon for the light to do the job of wearing it.You can achieve a romantic look with a single color palette in pink or matt red tones.


Valentine's Day is worth being dramatic and intense, at least with your makeup.So let your creativity flow and use those shadow colors that you would not use daily.You will love a red shadow makeup, and if you are not afraid of glamorous looks and ‘over the top’, then bet on dramatic eyes, either in red or pink tones.

Intense red lips

Being the Valentine's Day, little prominence has the lips because you are supposed to use them to give many kisses, but if you are the one who is empowered with some painted of intense red and not living home without your 'Ruby Wood',Red lips are a classic of this date and a great alternative if you are not yet very good with the shadows, since they will save you the day.

Just try to use a permanent lipstick, in case the kisses appear, and avoid not rechargeing the eyes with a lot of makeup.

Pastel colours

The pastel tones were to stay and if you want to use the color of 2022 for this ValentineAt this time to the point of making you look more romantic and tender.Just try that your makeup is not as similar to how you make up daily.

Red delineated or hearts

In case of not having time to make up for this Valentine's, only your usual eyeliner change for a matt red one, use a subtle pink shadow in your basins and machine yourself as always.

You can also opt for a glitter shadow with a heart ornament that will make you look different or you can even add your ornament heart in your delineated.

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These are the makeup trends that will make everyone fall in love in Valentine
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