The definitive products to eliminate black points

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Black points are one of the most annoying imperfections for both men and women.They usually appear due to excess fat in the ‘area T’ of the face and in areas such as the back.There are many options we have to eliminate black points, however, the most important thing is to avoid extracting them with our own hands, since they will never go completely and, in addition, they will leave marks on the skin.

We can use special creams and masks that guarantee adequate cleaning and hygiene.To do this, you have to know what type of skin you have (fat, dry or mixed) and thus control the amount and number of times of product application.In addition to these products, it is vital to follow an adequate hygiene routine, both day and night.

We recommend some creams and masks that will help you clean the pores of the skin in depth and get rid of black points.

Garnier Skin Active

The Garnier brand has a range of specialized products to protect and clean our skin.The exfoliating mask we recommend is ideal for eliminating the imperfections from the face.Its natural exfoliating particles will open the pores and visibly reduce the pimples, also reduce the appearance of brightness while leaving a soft and clean touch.You can also find special strips that black anti-power and enriched with purifying black coal, known for its absorbent properties that catch impurities.

Garnier Skin Active

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Exfoliating mask

Los productos definitivos para eliminar los puntos negros

This mask strongly penetrates your skin and cleanses the makeup waste of the pores, absorbs dirt and reduces oil secretion.It is a 100% safe and high quality product, since it is made with ingredients such as water and glycerin.After each use you will notice your softer and more clear skin.It comes with a spoon and basic instructions with which you can start using it immediately.However, if you have sensitive skin, try the mask in your ear in case you suffer an allergic reaction or sensation of itching and ardor.

Exfoliating mask

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Pure clay of l’Oreal

The mask with pure clays of L’Oreal has magnetic properties and a creamy texture that does not dry the skin, but purifies and increases its glow.From the first use the skin will be cooler and more dirt free.The skin will be visibly prettier and more radiant.This product consists of three pure clays combined with caolin coal, known for its ability to absorb excess sebum and impurities.It is advisable to use this clay 2 or 3 times a week and let it dry 10-15 minutes and then clarify in abundance with warm water.

Pure clay of l'Oreal

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Nivea strips

These strips are placed in the ‘area T’ of the face (nose, chin and front).The strips are enriched with citric acid, an ingredient that adheres to dirt and impurities that obstruct pores when activated with water.It has a special soft touch lining, so they are very comfortable for the skin.These adapt perfectly to skin irregularities, such as nose.In addition, it brings a pleasant sensation thanks to its aroma to lemon.

Nivea strips

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Pinpoxe mask

The Pinpoxe mask has an innovative formula that includes sea and plankton maritime extracts, which act as a repairing skin treatment.It can be used to refine pores, reduce wrinkles, eliminate black points and pimples and reduce spots.It will absorb all excess fat and dirt and balance water and skin oil.You just have to apply uniformly on facial skin and neckline, avoiding the lip and eyes area, and let stand approximately 10 minutes.If you have very fatty skin, the ideal is to apply several times a week.

Pinpoxe mask

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The definitive products to eliminate black points
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