The pregnant man and pregnant person emoji will arrive on the iPhone

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A "pregnant man" emoji and a "pregnant person" emoji are coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update, iOS 15.4, which sparked controversy.

Pregnancy emojis aren't new to some, having arrived as part of an update that the emoji encyclopedia Emojipedia announced in September 2021. However, Apple's version of the emojis launched on Thursday as part of iOS 15.4 beta, a voluntary update to the iPhone system.

The update will reach all iPhone users later this year

Emojipedia faced some criticism when it first announced the man and pregnant person emoji in September last year. The company said in a blog post that the new figures "may be used for the representation of trans men, non-binary people, or women with short hair, though of course the use of these emoji is not limited to these groups."

The emoji can also be used as an "ironic way to show someone who has eaten a lot," wrote Emojipedia's Jane Solomon.

The pregnant man and pregnant person emoji will come to the iPhone

Both new pregnancy emojis also come in five different skin tones. When selecting an emoji, users can keep their finger on the icon until it displays different skin tone options, says foxbusiness.

The emoji first came to Apple in 2016, when the pregnant woman emoji was released.

Emoji creators "have made an effort to be gender-inclusive, especially in recent years. The approach has varied from situation to situation, though the overall goal is to standardize inconsistencies in legacy decisions," Solomon wrote.

According to the health website, people who are biologically born female but identify as male are transgender men who can give birth because they have the reproductive organs necessary to do so, especially those who do not drink or have stopped taking testosterone. The same goes for those who identify as non-binary.

It's not clear how many men became pregnant or gave birth in the United States. At least 22 men in Australia gave birth in 2018, The Daily Mail reported, citing the country's Medicaid data.

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The pregnant man and pregnant person emoji will arrive on the iPhone
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