The 40 best Amazon Prime video series in Spain to see in 2021

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Amazon Prime Video has come to stay.Not much noise, it seems that they only talk about the best Netflix series or the most recommended HBO series and nobody looks at the large company series, but really, Amazon Prime Video is the second platform with more followers inSpain, very close to Netflix.In January 2020 the company founded by Jeff Bezos confirmed that there were 150 million total subscribed users, of which at least 90 used Prime Video service.However, the company's projections are quite succulent, and by 5 years it intends to convert those 150 million users into 279 globally, which would increase overwhelmingly - would get almost double - streaming users - streaming users.

His landing in Spain arrived Spanish series as small coincidences, El Cid, or documentaries of athletes such as Sergio Ramos or Fernando Alonso and the bet is being a success.

Las 40 mejores series de Amazon Prime Video en España para ver en 2021

Netflix (68.4%) remains at the head in terms of the percentage of users who declare access to their platform, although it remains stalked closely by prime video (64.2%), which marks a new historical record insideof the study series.The Amazon platform is clearly benefited by its inclusion within the “prime” benefit package of the electronic commerce giant, whose annual cost (36 euros) is much lower than that of its rival (95.88 euros forits most basic version).

His catalog, with national and international premieres, films and the vast majority of Spanish series of a few years ago like Isabel, Red Eagle or when leaving class makes it one of the favorite platforms of the Spaniards.In fact, the most viewed in streaming is the one that is coming, whose season 12 can only be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

Therefore, due to the extensive catalog that it has, on teleprogram you can find different specials such as the best short series of Amazon, the best Amazon Prime Video movies based on books or 6 good Spanish series to see on Amazon.But if you want something more general, not mix genres, nationality and you simply want to know what are the best Amazon Prime Video series, this is your article.In addition, we will continue to expand it as new series are released on the platform.

The 40 best Amazon Prime video series in Spain to see in 2021
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