Telva the lift without surgery that works (I've tried it and I'll tell you)

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¿Estaré poseída por los rasgos puntiagudos de Maléfica?; ¿me habré tragado a una musa de El Greco?; ¿mi cara habrá sufrido una mutación cual Meryl Streep en La muerte os sienta tan bien? En estas dudas existenciales estoy esta mañana, tras pasar dos noches sin pegar ojo por culpa de la gastroenteritis de mis hijos cuando, como un regalo anticipado de Navidad la directora de belleza de TELVA me pregunta: ¿Te atreves a probar el Ultherapy? o lo que es lo mismo ¿a hacer de conejillo de Indias y someterte al llamado lifting sin cirugía y contarlo en primera persona?Telva El lifting sin cirugía que funciona (lo he probado y os lo cuento) Telva El lifting sin cirugía que funciona (lo he probado y os lo cuento)

I recognize that I am unable to make the decision without asking my dermatologist before.I am very afraid that by grabbing a burning nail, (read: "I would be willing to whateLet them seem, harm her.But this is not the case of Ultherapy, and so the doctor assures me."You will not swell your skin definitively, or to solve your loss of firmness as a surgical lift, (to maintain its effects you have to do it every year, so American surgeons already call it the lifting" in installments "),But everything helps. "

Once convinced and knowing what I can expect, I cannot avoid reading all the technical information about it, and doing an exhaustive field work with a friend who has already tried it and thus find out all the details. What gives me more peace of mind is to know that the Ultherapy team has four approvals from the American Drug Agency (FDA), has already exceeded the million treatments worldwide and has the endorsement of more than 33 published clinical studies. However, I am impressed to read that the tensioning effect of the skin is caused by the use of microfocate ultrasonic energy that reaches the subcutaneous structure and the deepest layers of the epidermis, (specifically 4.5 mm deep), just even where surgery works when doing a facial lifting. Focalized shots originate a heat above 60ºC producing, as a reaction, an immediate contraction of the dermis, so that the formation of new collagen and elastin is intensely activated. And all this to achieve the long -awaited UP effect!

Happiness Carrera, the aesthetic medical center where I am going to try it, has been the one that has made the most treatments throughout Europe, since its arrival in the United States and Leticia B. Carrera, with 1,700 Ultherapys behind it, one of the professionalsthat more experience has in its management.So, convinced, I call him to tell me how I must prepare for the day of the session, because, Uff, yes, they have told me that something hurts."It depends on your pain threshold," says Leticia."So if you stay calmer, take an analgesic 30 minutes before we start and then we will apply an anesthetic cream."

The preparation: oral analgesic, very clean skin and relax

Telva El lifting sin cirugía que funciona (lo he probado y os lo cuento)

The day D, already in the cabin, the first thing I do is take off my dress, earrings, chains and shoes and lie on a fluffy stretcher covered with a light sheet and blanket.The aestheticist puts me a disposable hat in my hair and applies, on my face, an dismailing lotion to eliminate any rest of the blush, pencil or mask.She then withdraws with tisús and extends her anesthetic cream emla all over the face and neck, wrapping it in transparent film, leaving only exposed, eyes, nose and mouth.In this way, she explains me, the effect of anesthetic gel is faster and more efficient.After waiting for approximately 15 minutes, she removes the film and the cream, waiting for Leticia to start the treatment.

THE MACHINE: The power and safety of ultrasound

The first thing that shows me is the ultrasound machine, which consists of a monitor similar to that of a computer in which, thanks to an ultrasound, the process to control the exact plane in which the shots are made andOn what part of the face are being made.Before I start, it extends to me with a brush a driver gel and then offers me a kind of gadget or toy -type control with a great button."Pulse it if you feel some pain and so your mind focuses on this act," he advises me.

The sensations: What do I notice?Where does it hurt more?

The exact feeling of the first shots, between the ear lobe and the bone of the jaw, is as if one hundred thousand small pins and, sometimes, a small discharge that irrigates to the area near the shot.Where it hurts most with difference, although I can endure it, it is precisely in the arch that goes from the end of the ear to the chin, since my skin is very fine, there is little fat layer and is close to the bone.When the shot becomes more annoying and starting to get tense, Leticia modifies her intensity and changes the area.

The end: immediate results

After 90 minutes, in which the facial oval, the upper zone of the cheekbones, the forehead and the eye contour has worked, the aestheticist returns to the cabin and removes the remains of the conductive gel.Next, she extends a Valmont cream with a very rich smell.As my skin is slightly sore, it does it with soft massages that give me a feeling of pleasant relief.When I see myself in the mirror I immediately notice that I have the cheeks more in place, as if I had fattened a couple of kilos and I noticed my face.However, they explain that the best results will arrive in 2 or 3 months, being at six when the final ones will be seen.

I could go to the office to work as if nothing.At first glance, no one can notice any strange signal in the face.From the next day, Leticia recommends me to take a collagen and vitamin C fasting so that your skin contribution is enriched.

A week later: face in place, although sore

On the seven days of Ultherapy I maintain that same UP effect on my face, I feel the area of the eyebrow tail and somewhat painful jaw (they already warned me that these discomforts would be normal), and a slight hematoma has appeared in the jaw, easyto hide with a little makeup.I recommend?Yes, and if in the coming months it will better, without any doubt.

10 truths about the Ultherapy

By Dr. Ricardo Ruiz.

1. It is important to work at all times between the two layers of fat and muscle (SMAs).If you work very superficial, you are in fat and no results are seen;And if it becomes very deep, it is in the muscle and hurts.The ultrasound is the key to guiding the professional.

2. There is no stuffed effect or lack of expression.

3. It is a safe technique.Some patient has bruises, tingling or temporary muscle weakness, which is normalized in days.

4. It can also be used on the inner face of the arms, neckline or thighs, combining it with Radiesse to improve the results.

5. Nothing happens if the patient is going to sunbathe, since it does not affect the surface layers of the skin.In the US they say that when the lasers go out in summer, Ultherapy is turned on.

6. The technique is annoying so that oral analgesics and cold systems are used.

7. The results are discreet.It is raised as a technique to prevent sagging, advising an annual session, or even one every 6 months.

8. The ideal is to combine it with tensioning threads in face and with ration.

9. The most demanded areas are the mandibular line, the neck and the eyelids, although most patients make their face.

10. The results are seen a month and last between 1 year or year and a half.


1,995 euros complete face (including double chin area).Eye contour: 600 euros.

Where to go?

Medical-Esthetic Treatments Centers Happiness Carrera.Happiness

International Dermatological Clinic

Dermatology Group Pedro Jaé

Javier de Institute

Mira + Clinic

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Telva the lift without surgery that works (I've tried it and I'll tell you)
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