Selena Gomez Talks How She Maintains Her Eyebrows And That Haircut She Loves

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BeautyThe Lose You To Love Me singer also shared what her morning and evening beauty routine looks like and when she prefers to wear red lipstick.

By Hannah Coates

Singer, actress and businesswoman Selena Gomez spoke with Beauty & Wellness Editor Hannah Coates about brows, boxing and why red lipstick is her go-to for a night out.

About how she wakes up in the morning

I wish I had a little discipline! Usually in the morning I wake up before the alarm clock, it's a really irritating tic. So I always have to try to go back to sleep. To be honest, it's a bit of a challenge for me in the mornings.

About her evening skincare routine

I love Tacha. I think a lot of her moisturizers and face washes are gentle, but they also draw out all the nasty stuff. I only use that and the moisturizer. And as for the makeup remover, I love the Dior Hydra Life Triple Impact Makeup Remover - it's blue and very pretty. I use it to clean everything.

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On talking about his mental health

I actually feel like, in a way, I didn't have a choice. So many stories were told about me during that time that I wondered how anyone could know the truth. So it really came from me being honest, from wanting to say, 'All this stuff you're hearing? It is not true. This is really what happened.' I have bipolar disorder and I had to learn a lot of things about myself, and it wasn't easy. And, you know, some days it still isn't. But he knew that if he didn't say anything, someone else was going to. It was not fair.

On his advice to anyone feeling down

I would tell them to take a few hours to be alone, but then make an effort to invite a friend over and maybe do something together. I always know that I need a few hours to get out [of the emotions], but then I have to quickly turn it around and try to see someone and watch a movie or something.

About caring for your skin in the cold

Selena Gomez habla de cómo mantiene sus cejas y ese corte de cabello que ama

I think the sun [in winter] can be deceiving, so it's very important to use sun protection. And everything else? I usually keep my face covered.

On the three most used items in your makeup bag

I'm really proud of my Rare mascara, so that's definitely it. I use Soft Pinch blush, and have at least one Lip Soufflé Lip Cream - I love all the shades, but my favorite is Inspire.

About her hairstyles and favorite haircuts

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I think it's different when I have loose, wavy hair, but now I have it quite short. I feel very business [with this bob hairstyle]. I also like to do a bun as it is simple and easy to do and gives you that ravenous look.

About evening looks

I definitely wear red lipstick when I go out to dinner; It makes me feel very classy and old school. And, you know, if I'm not dating anyone - which is the case - then [it's good because] I don't have to kiss anyone either.

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On the key to a good shower

I love essential oils. I'm more of a shower girl, but if I were a bath girl, I think I'd be addicted to bath bombs. But I love the shower because I can measure how long I've been in it, and it's quicker.

About the rituals that help her relax

I like to be alone for a second; whatever I'm feeling, I need to take a second to process it. I try by all means to breathe a little. I also like food, eat something cozy and then put on my cozy sweatshirt and allow myself a little time.

About Rare Beauty

I have a song called 'Rare' and I felt like it was an anthem that I needed personally - it basically says I don't have it all figured out, but I know I'm worth it and I know I deserve good things. When we started talking about how to get into the beauty space, I knew I had to be different. I wanted to stand out and show people I cared about beyond the products, so that's how it started. I named the product Rare; It was quite a challenge to get it, but it was worth it, and now it means so much more to me. I have also tattooed it.

On the best beauty advice she's ever received

For a while, I was really young and trying to do all these mature eye looks, just because I've been told my whole life that I look 15 years old. Now I realize it's a compliment, but before it would drive me absolutely crazy. Someone doing my makeup told me, 'Less is more, that's the trick,' and I said, 'What if I want to get a smokey eye?' They told me I would have plenty of time to do it in the future. And I remember thinking it was okay to look my age.

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About the exercise

I love boxing. I've been boxing a lot at Rumble while I'm in New York. It's liberating and so much fun.

On his secret to having incredible eyebrows

I don't take them off, I don't wax them, I don't touch them! I just do little things here and there to fix them. My advice is not to take the tweezers!

About body care

I just use regular lotion, but I don't usually use a lot of it because it makes me feel sticky. However, I just got back from a trip and my skin is peeling, so I'm using Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum cream.

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Selena Gomez Talks How She Maintains Her Eyebrows And That Haircut She Loves
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