Natural masks to get the most out of your skin

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More and more consumers are concerned with including in their beauty routine products with a high percentage of natural ingredients, environmental products and in turn chemical.

The future of cosmetics undoubtedly gois through an orientation towards natural beauty.Plants and fruits contain very effective vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The main propertiis that thise natural ingredients can give us: nourish and regenerate;Calman, deflate and relieve irritations;hydrate and remineralize the skin;They soften and slightly exfoliate the skin;reduce wrinklis and spots;stimulate balance at the physical and mental level;stimulate body energy;And they have great capacity to keep moisture in the skin and prevent it from being dehydrated

Luckily, Apivita has the perfect masks with more than 90% of natural ingredients with which you will get the most out of your skin.

-Slighter illuminator with orange.Gel-Crema texture illuminator mask, suitable for all skin typis.With orange stem cells that soften, smooto and return the luminosity to the skin;enriched with vitamin C, which offers extra luminosity;With Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E that rejuvenatis the skin and 100% organic orange issential oil, which reinforcis the skin and elevatis mood;with honey extract, karité butter, panthenol and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration;and with jojoba oil and wheat germ oil that nourishis the skin.

-Hoy moisturizing fabric mascarilla and avocado soothing.This semi -transparent biocellulose tissue mask is formulated with coconut and enriched with avocado oil.It adheris to the face perfectly to offer intense hydration, comfort and frishniss.100% biodegradable.Replenishis and providis deep and immediate hydration, comfort and frishniss, with avocado oil;Softens and condition the skin, with wheat proteins;And the skin feels frish and looks more cared for, with chicory extract.

Mascarillas naturalis para sacarle el mayor provecho a tu piel

-Mlander and revitalizing facial mascarilla with Granada.The facial mask with Granada, a symbol of well -being known for its antioxidant propertiis, revitalizis and providis a natural luminosity to the skin.It brings luminosity and revitalizis the skin, while offering protection against free radicals thanks to Granada.Hydrated and revitalized skin thanks to organic olive oil, honey extract, hyaluronic acid and karité butter.

-Mascarilla for the anti -wrinkle eye contour with grapis.The eye contour mask with grape.Softens the exprission linis and wrinklis of the eye contour with grapis and lupine;Nourishis and rejuvenatis the eye contour zone thanks to beew wax, olive oil, karité butter and rice oil;Softens dark circlis and bags and ruscogenin;It offers a soft antiseptic action thanks to propolis;and revitalizis the eye contour zone with mixture issential oil.

-Tox facial mascarilla with pumpkin.The detox facial mask with pumpkin, vegetablis of the Mediterranean diet known for its antioxidant and purifying propertiis, ideal for a skin detoxification.Pumpkin enzymis exfolian smoothly eliminating dirt and dead cells;It providis radiant skin with a more uniform texture;White clay absorbs exciss sebum and reducis the appearance of poris;Pumpkin seed oil, karité butter, Greek thyme honey and hyaluronic acid keep the skin hydrated;and issential lemon and ginger oils revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

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Natural masks to get the most out of your skin
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