Ministry of Health receives important donation of medical supplies from the NGO World Hope International - Ministry of Health - Chilean Government

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Through the United States Embassy, a contribution of $ 100,000 was delivered in Personal Protection Elements (EPP) and supplies to support Covid-19 fight in Chile in Chile.

The Undersecretariat of Assistance Networks received on Tuesday, August 3, a cargo of more than four tons of personal protection elements (PPE) for the Ministries of Health and Defense, in addition to medical supplies for health residences, that the NGO World Hope International madeArrive to our country, through Texas Air National Guard of the United States Department of Defense, on a direct flight made by a KC135 Strategic Transportation Air Force plane of the Chilean Air Force.

The donation ceremony participated in the Chief of Cabinet of the Undersecretariat, Nicolás Duhalde, the business manager of the United States Embassy in Chile, Richard Glenn, the representative of the World Hope International, Daesha Friedman and the General Brigade Generals, Gonzalo, GonzaloOpazo and Víctor Cerda.

Together with the name of the Government of Chile, the donation made, Nicolás Duhalde declared that “this adds to a series of other donations that we have already received from the United States: two campaign hospitals that are currently being used in the Talagante Health Networkand Padre Hurtado, eight transport fans and different PPEs that use our equipment day by day throughout the country ”.These, he added, “are elements that are used, which are basic for health care and therefore, indispensable for the work carried out by this ministry.You know that they will be well used and will be available throughout our welfare network ”.

Ministerio de Salud recibe importante donación de insumos médicos de la ONG World Hope International - Ministerio de Salud - Gobierno de Chile

The Chief of Cabinet of the Undersecretariat of Assistance Networks, Nicolás Duhalde also thanked the Chilean Air Force for the air transfer of the donation, but also for other actions it performs in support of the health care network, such as having increased from 8A 34 the endowment of critical beds of the FACH hospital for a period of health emergency period."That effort I would like to reaffirm it and also the collaboration they provided during the pandemic when making more than 89 air transfers of 266 compatriots between regions, so that no Chilean or Chilean runs out of beds," he said.

The business manager of the United States Embassy highlighted the joint efforts between both governments to implement aid programs that in their entirety exceed two million dollars.“Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been working together with the Chilean authorities to provide humanitarian assistance, both to the central government entities and to municipalities and social organizations of the country.We hope that EPP and donated supplies provide medical assistance and protection to all the people who need it, since they are a clear sample of friendship and cooperation among our countries, ”concluded Richard Glenn.

Daesha Friedman also referred to the joint work of the World Hope International with governments such as Chile, to deliver aid in times of crisis, with strategic projects that create impact and at the same time they are sustainable.“Today we are pleased to deliver that contribution of $ 100,000 of medical supplies to support COVID-19 fight in Chile.Our NGO responded to the needs, in coordination with Amazon Relief Fund, NGO Core, UPS Foundation, the Chilean Air Force and the United States ”.

The donation of personal protection elements include: 100 units of pulse oximeters for adults;170 units of digital thermometers;60 units of BP Cuff tensiometers;43.200 mask units of 3 ASTM folds;fifteen.000 units of facial shields;100 nitrile disposable gloves (10.000);4.470 units of disposable panties Level I ASTM and 28.800 KIT OF PERSONAL PROTECTION ELEMENTS.

Ministry of Health receives important donation of medical supplies from the NGO World Hope International - Ministry of Health - Chilean Government
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