Milagros Ortiz says Higüey councilor will have to "face justice"

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The director of Ethics and Government Integrity, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, reproached this Tuesday night for what was expressed by the councilor of Higüey, La Altagracia province, Leonte Torres (Choli), that all politicians who come to power in the country use the positions that they occupy to “find money”.

The official said that after these statements, nothing can prevent the municipal official from "facing justice."

Ortiz Bosch referred to her case through her Twitter account @OrtizBosch.

"The problem is now for the councilman of Higüey, Leonte Torres, that nothing prevents him from facing justice," said the head of Government Ethics and Integrity.

During an interview, Torres said that the type of conduct of the country's politicians was no secret to anyone.

Milagros Ortiz dice regidor de Higüey tendrá que “enfrentar la justicia”

"Everyone knows that the politician when he reaches a position, if he can find a couple of pesos with that position, he will find it ... But what is the problem, that is not hidden," he said in a program television, which has gone viral.

”You ask me that you are going to make a fuel pump. Oh, we are going to get you how much you pay in taxes, you pay 150 pesos in taxes, whose taxes are those? From the people, now you are going to earn 100 million pesos in the action of that bomb in the present and future, and you decide to tell me, look, help me with this, talk to the councillors, I am going to give you five million pesos about mine. Oh, and I'm going to tell you no? Tell me a councilor, legislator tell him I'm going to give you five million pesos if he says no, "he said.

Later, the alderman, representative of the National Progressive Force (FNP), denied what was said and assured that the video had been edited. He also assured that he is an ethical and incapable man

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Milagros Ortiz says Higüey councilor will have to "face justice"
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