Mercadona has a facial mask with gold particles that improves the firmness of the face for 2.10 euros

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Skin care is fundamental at any time of the year.Depending on the characteristics of your epidermis, you must resort to treatments that fit

She, and in your care routine you can not miss the facial mask.There are many guys, but Mercadona has a Gold Mask that you can't stop using.

For only 2.10 euros you will get such a soft complexion that you will not be able to believe it.This particular product contains various components that will allow you to wear a more smooth and beautiful face.

The 'Gold Mask' frees you from dead cells and at the same time is ideal to reduce and prevent expression lines and wrinkles on the face that are caused by age, sun or poor skin care.The mask has an anti -aging effect that is simply wonderful in terms of its benefits and at its price.

This product is made up of plant stem cells that contribute to soften the skin and improve its texture, it has gold particles capable of optimizing the distribution of peptides in the skin, providing luminosity and firmness.

Mercadona tiene una mascarilla facial con partículas de oro que mejora la firmeza del rostro por 2,10 euros

Also, the 'Gold Mask' contains vitamin B3 that stimulates collagen synthesis preventing natural aging.

Gold Mask

Similarly, the mask contains assets that take care of the skin of the oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution and the blue light radiation of the screens.The Ubesol company of Atzeneta D’Albaida (Valencia), is the total supplier of this product that was developed through a coinnovation process.

How to use the 'Gold Mask'?

This type of products is advisable to use them at least once or twice a week.Despite being a mask that shows its benefits immediately, it is little invasive in the skin.

Using the 'Gold Mask' is very simple.When you want to apply this incredible product on your face, you must follow the following steps.

First, you must clean or exfoliate the skin of the face, with the purpose of eradicating all impurities and remains of makeup, that way the mask may enter more in the epidermis.

Second, once your face is completely dry, you must apply the product and let it act at least for about 15 or 20 minutes.Then you just have to withdraw and ready.

Mercadona gives you the opportunity that with these two simple steps you can get healthy, rejuvenated and beautiful skin.

Mercadona has a facial mask with gold particles that improves the firmness of the face for 2.10 euros
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