Macabre: they stole three deer from an ecological park, killed them to eat them and were arrested

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An event linked to horror occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, after a group of people stole three axis deer from the Municipal Ecological Complex of the city of Sáenz Peña, Chaco, to slaughter them and eat them in a asado.

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After they were beaten to death, they were taken from the zoo and prepared for that night's meal . However, they were found by the Police and they were unable to specify their objective.

It was around mid-morning when the local authorities noticed the lack of deer and the cut perimeter fence, through which those responsible escaped. A security operation led by the Rural Division was then launched to find the animals, according to the local newspaper Diario Norte.

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The director of the Municipal Ecological Complex, Jorge García, reported that the culprits "could be the same criminals as always, they would be some residents of the Antonio Zafra neighborhood, who live practically attached to the property."

Macabre: Three deer were stolen from a park ecological, they murdered them to eat them and they were arrested

And he continued: “This new fact is added to others with similar characteristics, they even stole pigs and ostriches that, after killing and plucking them, they cooked them in the same way.”

the Rural Division began the search to track the animals from the tracks they found in the place. In addition, thanks to a trail of blood, they managed to reach a house in the Antonio Zafra neighborhood, in line with the hypothesis that Garcia was shuffling.

Thus, they entered a farm where a celebration with music was taking place. After announcing themselves, the troops were received by a woman, who let them pass. Inside the property, in the patio, they observed that one of the deer was on the burning grill. The bodies of the other two animals were also at the scene.

After the operation, the prosecutor in charge ordered the seizure of the evidence and the arrest of one of those present because of his alleged participation in the crime. Finally, veterinarian Jonathan Enrique confirmed that the roast meat corresponded to the stolen animals.

Macabre: they stole three deer from an ecological park, killed them to eat them and were arrested
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