Jennifer Aniston's "trick" against dark circles and how to achieve the result at home

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Jennifer Aniston is, by all accounts, one of the most stylish, beloved and followed actresses on a planetary level.

Since her appearance in the entertainment world in the 90's, going through her golden age with the role of 'Rachel' in her well-known Friends, the blonde has managed to maintain a successful career.

However, along with being admired for her milestones in the world of television and cinema, the interpreter has been able to set trends in other aspects of her life.

An example of this are her well-being routines, in which the exercises and beauty tricks that she shares with her fans stand out, who do not hesitate to follow her advice step by step.

Jen's "trick" against dark circles

Precisely, one of the beauty secrets that have worked the most for the actress has to do with her eye contour.

Aniston said that she uses the 'Gold Sculpting Bar' facial massager from beauty entrepreneur Jillian Dempsey, wife of Patrick Dempsey – the actor who played 'Derek Shepherd' on the Grey's Anatomy series.

This "gold bar" has a lifting effect on the skin, which she achieves thanks to the 24 carats of this metal that she incorporates to sculpt and massage the face through gentle vibrations, which stimulate the circulation of the facial skin. .

According to Women's Health, the great thing about this product, which costs 195 dollars -154 thousand Chilean pesos-, is that it mimics the movements of a facial massage by hand, helping the muscles of the face to relax and achieving firmer skin. .

“We have seen celebrities use it both before and after makeup, since the massager makes the products – foundations or skincare – penetrate the skin better,” they declared.

It should be noted that the 'Gold Sculpting Bar' has become very popular among celebrities in recent months, being used in addition to Aniston by Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Benson, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevigne, among others.

How to achieve this result at home?


According to what the experts at Camaleon Cosmetics pointed out, there are some tricks that will allow you to quickly reduce dark circles under the eyes and with elements that we find in our homes.

1. Tones and decongests: cold is a great anti-dark circles remedy, as it helps activate circulation and reduce inflammation in the area. Apply a cold teaspoon on the area or keep some tea bags in the freezer and put them on the eyes for 20/25 minutes.

2. Stimulates microcirculation: massage the area in small circles from the inside to the outside, which will help improve the circulation of the vessels, increase blood flow and eliminate dark circles. Active ingredients such as arnica or caffeine are stimulants and almond oil is perfect, since it also activates circulation and also helps to hydrate and regenerate the area.

3. Rehydrate: place a few slices of cucumber on your eyes and let them act for half an hour; It will provide extra vitamins and hydration at the moment.

Skin care

Along with worrying about her eye contour, the actress has shown that she is a fervent advocate of skin care.

As compiled by the Women's Health medium, the artist has a facial routine that consists of the following steps:

– Soap, water and SPF: Jennifer revealed that “drink water, sleep and sun protection” are her main anti-aging tips, and that she simply washes her face with soap and water.

– Facial mask: in her Instagram stories, the actress revealed that she uses the 111SKIN rose gold facial mask for her eye contour.

– Royal Jelly: Just like Jen, you can take royal jelly as a supplement, but it is also a skin care ingredient found in some products such as serums or moisturizers.

– Serum: Aniston is one of the few celebrities who have recognized that they use 'Pure Hyaluron', a SwissCode brand product that is behind its enviable luminosity on the skin.


Along with worrying about skin care, a few weeks ago we told you that one of the actress's "must haves" in her daily routine is exercise.

Whether it's her morning walks hand in hand with her dogs Clyde, Sophie and Lord Chesterfield, with whom she walks the streets of her neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California, to her fitness methods that have hooked many followers of her.

And it is that within her well-being tricks, an exercise system that Aniston herself "invented" stands out.

It is about 15-15-15, which according to the artist told InStyle magazine consists of doing 15 minutes of spinning, 15 of elliptical and 15 of running.

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Although she recognized that she does not do it daily, but about three times a week, the rest of the days she complements this formula with other cardio routines, reported the Woman's Health media.

holistic approach

The truth is that, to stay in shape, The Morning Show actress lives based on a "holistic" approach to her health, which is based mainly on accepting that the passage of time must be reflected in the physique of a form or another.

“Universally, we are all going to grow old. It cannot be denied or avoided, that is guaranteed. But we can have vitality and continue to improve in our mature years, ”she recently told E! News.

To this, Aniston added that “It's not just nutritional, it's emotional and spiritual. We must be very aware of what we put in our ears, in our eyes, in what we consume, in what we read on social networks or what we see in the news. All of this has a very important impact on our general well-being.”

It should be noted that at the beginning of the month the artist announced the launch of her first beauty line, LolaVie, focused on hair care.

“This project has been in the works for a long time and I am so excited to finally be able to present it to you. There's so much hard work from our amazing team to make this line, and we're so proud to say it's been made without all the bad stuff… we're free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, vegan… and of course 'Cruelty-free' ', because we love our animals," he declared on his personal page, recorded by Harper's Bazaar.

Jennifer Aniston's "trick" against dark circles and how to achieve the result at home
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