Jamsu: the technique to make your makeup last all day; is Bella Hadid's favorite

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By:: Lili Diaz,Published 23 Aug 2021 – 05:36 PM EDT | Updated 23 Aug 2021 – 05:35 PM EDTReactShare

Thanks to the Internet we know hundreds of tricks to have a makeup of ten. A technique that began to gain strength thanks to its peculiar way of application is the Jamsu.

This one promises to leave a uniform base all day long and it's even so good that a celebrity was the one who made it fashionable. Get to know it and dare to try it!

The word 'Jamsu' translates as diving or dipping and it is a technique that comes from South Korea, a country where makeup is taken seriously, so much so that even men use it to highlight their features.

His trick helps to fix the products applied to the face and give it a matte appearance, that is, zero shine. The procedure is simple and you will love the results.

Plus, it has the seal of approval from Bella Hadid, who revealed this to be one of her beauty secrets to makeup artist Huda Kattan, creator of the Huda Beauty brand.

How should the Jamsu technique be applied?

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The Jamsu technique does not require expensive skin products and here we explain step by step what you should do:

1.Start by applying your makeup as usual with primer, foundation, concealer and contour cream. It's important not to do eye makeup yet, because it will end up being a mess!

2.After applying the 4 products, you should take a makeup sponge and spread translucent powder or baby powder on your face. It is important that it is white!

3. You must cover the surface well without exaggerating the amount, to submerge the head for 30 seconds in a bowl of cold water if you have oily skin and 15 seconds if you have another type of skin.

4.It is best to let it dry naturally, but you can also choose to dab it with a towel. Follow with the rest of your makeup as normal and if you notice your skin is a lighter tone, use a little bronzer to correct it.


It seems strange, but it works for all skin types and brings out the most natural looks. If you still have doubts about how to do it, watch the video to be your visual guide!

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 Jamsu: the technique to make your makeup last all day;  is Bella Hadid's favorite
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