How to hide dilated pores and get a more homogeneous face

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Having a homogeneous face is something we all seek to achieve.Sometimes, by the sun or by our own genetics, they appear in different areas of our skin or our ones are excessively dilated.We have good and bad news: for the first there is a solution, but for the second not.But that panic does not travel because, although the size of the pore cannot be reduced, we can get it less visible.

The size of the pores is determined, fundamentally, by genetics.However, fat, photonexing and other factors can make them larger.Among these factors are excessive sebum production, decreased skin elasticity, dirt accumulation, dead cells and makeup or lack of vitamin A.And for this girls, there is a solution.

The golden rule to keep the pores closed and less visible is facial cleanliness, both in the morning and OPR the night.You should also exfoliate your skin, either at home as part of your beauty routine (you can follow Isabel Preysler's advice to do it) or in an aesthetics center with more powerful procedures.In addition, although they are not necessary, the masks are recommended to keep the skin more hydrated and clean and, therefore, the most blurred pores.

We can also incorporate a cream with retinoic acid or derivatives, glycolic acid or salicylic acid to our ritual, which regulate keratin production a bit.In addition, the use of a photoprotector is essential to maintain the less visible pore because sun damage greatly influences its size.

Cómo disimular los poros dilatados y conseguir un rostro más homogéneo

Let's collect: cleaning, exfoliation, masks, creams with retinoic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid and photoprotector.Do you want ideas for each of these tips?Well points:

Easy Pack Cleaning of Usmetics

Pack that includes the Easy Nusu silicone brush that allows you to perform a deep facial cleaning routine eliminating dead cells, cleaning pores and removing excess fat and makeup remains.It also includes cleaning foam with pH 5 cica.5.With Asian spindle extract that calms, hydrates and regenerates the skin.Its pH, slightly acidic, respects the hydrolyzic mantle of the epidermis maintaining the protective barrier function.You can find it on the Usmetics website for 38.25 euros.

Avène's soft exfoliating gel

Its polyethylene and jojoba wax microspheres gently eliminate dead cells;Sodium salicylate completes the mechanical exfoliation of microspheres returning the luminosity to the skin;Avène's thermal water, soothing and desensitizing, provides the skin with a sense of immediate well -being.It is available in primor for 13.90 euros.


The new PUE Active peel-off mask with coal and salicylic acid eliminates the root black points for visibly purified pores.The pores are visibly disobstruated and the texture of the softened skin.Find it in primor for 4.80 euros.

Mattifying moisturizing fluid Dermopure Oil Eucerin Control

It acts effectively on grains and black points, and helps control that skin difficult and prone to acne and suffer imperfections.It contains salicylic acid with simultaneous antibacterial and comedolithic action that helps reduce imperfections and serves to prevent them from reappearing;Licocalcón A, which calms the irritation and inflammation of the skin and reduces redness;Sebo production regulatory technology;and mattifying particles that provide antibrillo effect for 8 hours, without obstructing pores.You can find it in mifarma for 12.60 euros.

ISDIN FUSION WATER SPF 50 photoprotector

Ultralight and daily use sun protection that in addition to guaranteeing high protection against UVB and UVA radiation provides intense hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid and is immediately absorbed.You can find it in mifarma for 16.78 euros.

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How to hide dilated pores and get a more homogeneous face
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