For not wearing a mask: woman hit passenger on a flight in the United States

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Pandemia restrictions have detractors and people who support these measures.

In both cases there are extremes.Or at least that demonstrates the latest images of a flight in the United States.

A Passenger of the Delta airline was arrested by the FBI for disorders on a trip that he made between Tampa to Atlanta.

The reason?He slapped another user of the plane for not having his mask.

According to the Local Police, the woman named Patricia Cornwall was arrested for executing "injuries to travel colleagues and Delta employees".

The registration of the action, in spite of it, remained on social networks.In this video, Cornwall is seen increasing an adult, who did not carry his facial protection because he was drinking a drink and eating something while they went in the air.

Por no usar mascarilla: mujer golpeó a pasajero en un vuelo en Estados Unidos

The funny thing is that, when she increasing her victim, the woman had the mask under the chin.

"Put your damn mask!" Patricia told the man.

Once he hit him, the guy replied: "You're going to jail!"

"Damn piece of shit!", Reactiono Cornwall.

According to TMZ information, the American citizen was arrested once the journey ended, at Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

A witness of the facts pointed out that the protagonist of the story "went crazy on the plane, hit this man on his face, spit it out, scratched him (and) threw hot water in his leg".

For not wearing a mask: woman hit passenger on a flight in the United States
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