Five 'beauty looks' that you can copy to go to work

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    , you stand in front of the mirror to put on your makeup and comb your hair.

    It's been more than half an hour, you have to leave the house in 15 minutes and you look like you've had a bad night. What can you do? Find some simple ideas that hardly take you time and that give you that much-desired touch of vitality. The 'beauty' universe has a thousand and one products with which to have a good face in a very short time. Of course, the most important thing is to be clear about where to start, what products to use and how.

    And, since International Working Women's Day is just around the corner, it's worth reviewing the best 'beauty looks' to go to the office. We want to make your life easier, so we've talked to several experts to tell you how to get impeccable makeup and a top-notch hairstyle, and in record time!

    Low ponytail and natural makeup

    Low ponytails have become this season's trending hairstyle. If you want to add a 'fashion' touch to your up-do, bet on a bow or another hair accessory. Get inspired by this 'beauty look' from the Tory Burch show.

    ANGELA WEISSGetty Images

    "Several trends come together in this updo: the ponytail, the shine in the hair and the parting in the middle," says Mª José Llata ​​of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera from Santander and adds that, to achieve this glossy finish with a slightly wet touch, apply a little oil or some finishing product to dry hair and then collect the hair.

    And the makeup? "First, we correct the dark circles and any areas with imperfections. To unify the skin, we apply a medium-low coverage foundation or we can also opt for a CC or BB Cream, depending on the skin type," says Cristina Lobato, professional makeup artist.

    "When applying makeup to the eyes, we apply a natural-colored shadow that highlights the mobile eyelid and we apply another darker color to the upper eyelid area at the height of the socket to add dimension. Next, With a black or brown eye pencil, we make up the water line of the upper eyelid, to provide density and, in addition, create a little more depth in the eyes", adds the expert, noting that, to finish, we apply mascara eyelashes.

    "For this 'look,' I recommend using a nude lip and cheek tint that gives us color without having to touch it up throughout the day. As a blush, we can use the transition shadow to give color to the cheeks in a very natural way or the lip and cheek tint itself if we have opted for a 'nude' tone", recommends Cristina Lobato.

    Five 'beauty looks' you can copy to go to work

    Polished ponytail and glowy makeup

    We love the 'beauty look' that Romee Strijd wore in one of Jonathan Simkhai's shows. The polished ponytail, whether low or high, adds a super elegant and sophisticated touch, and the 'glowy' makeup is always a very flattering resource.

    Michael StewartGetty Images

    "This look is easy to achieve, although it hides a trick: the slight volume at the crown of the head," explains Rafael Bueno of Rafael Bueno Peluqueros from Malaga. "To create it, start by creping the strands in that area or use a volumizing powder. Then comb through the entire length of your hair and add a product that gives it shine, from hairsprays to hair oils. Ponytail carefully: do not stretch too much so as not to eliminate the volume of the crown of the head", explains the expert.

    As the professional make-up artist Chiqui Peña explains, the 'glowy' effect in the T-zone and cheekbones can be achieved with a CC 'cream'. "The best thing you can do to achieve a supernatural finish is to bet on a brown mascara and a transparent lip balm. Finish off the makeup with a blush and that's it!" adds the expert.

    Semi updo and fresh makeup

    This hairstyle offers the best of both worlds: the sophistication of up-dos and the playful finish of down (chanel's word). If you are indecisive and never know how to do your hair, this is a perfect choice for you!

    Peter WhiteGetty Images

    "To do this semi-updo, blow-dry your hair and try to make the texture a bit tousled or slightly frizzy. Put your hair up, leaving volume on top and pull a few strands from the sides for a messy effect. ", points out Charo García from Salón Ilitia from Bilbao.

    To recreate this makeup, we are going to use the 'microconcealing' technique, which consists of correcting and illuminating at the same time. "We choose a concealer/illuminator of a tone similar to that of the skin. We correct the area of ​​dark circles, we apply the concealer vertically, from the tear duct to the fin of the nose, and, finally, we make up the skin with the concealer, from the waterline of the lower eyelid in the direction of the temple", explains Cristina Lobato and points out that with this technique we achieve fresh and uniform skin with very little product.

    "When adding color, we are going to choose a tone that will serve to make up the eyelid and bring color to the cheeks. We shade the mobile eyelid, slightly blurring the product towards the upper eyelid. We curl and make up the eyelashes and , to add shine to the lips, we choose a moisturizing and repairing balm", recommends the makeup artist.

    High bun and red lips

    "There's a shade of red for every woman," Audrey Hepburn used to say. Red lipstick can also be worn to work (in fact, many women use it when they need "an extra confidence"). We are left with this 'beauty look' from one of Badgley Mischka's fashion shows.

    Victor VIRGILEGetty Images

    To achieve this look, you'll need to "finish dry hair and comb through to achieve the shine that slightly damp textures give. Pin your hair up so it's held tight, and when you're going to pin it, leave the ends out for a carefree touch", suggests Felicitas Ordás of Felicitas Hair from Barcelona.

    Cristina Lobato tells us that this makeup is perfect for those people who can dedicate more time to their make-up routine in the morning. "It's perfect for people who telework, since those marked lips are difficult to show off with the use of a mask," she says.

    "To recreate it, we first corrected the blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. We applied a medium coverage foundation and, to give dimension to the face, we applied sun powder: on the nose area towards the cheekbones, forehead area and chin, with a very natural tone", says the make-up artist.

    "If you have to leave the house and you're not going to telework, I recommend applying an eyelid primer to intensify the color of the shadows and make them last longer. Next, we apply a luminous eyeshadow with a particle of light in the area of ​​the mobile eyelid in a tone that favors us: from pink, peach or gold", he adds. "Next, we shade the upper eyelid with a light brown shadow (it is important that it does not create too much contrast) and, finally, we make up the arch of the eyebrow in a 'nude' tone. We curl the eyelashes and apply a good dose of mascara to define the look well", recommends the expert.

    The make-up artist points out that the eyebrows have a lot of prominence in this look. "We combed the eyebrows well from root to tip with a disposable brush and made up with an ultra-fine eyebrow pencil, hair by hair, to fill in the hairless areas. At the end, we applied a touch of blush and, finally, the lipstick. You can use a matte red or a juicy finish, depending on your taste," she notes, noting that you need to exfoliate your lips once a week and condition them well before applying the color.

    Short hair and delicate smokey eyes

    If you have short hair and you like the 'vintage' aesthetic, get inspired by this 'beauty look' from the latest Chanel show.

    Stephane Cardinale - CorbisGetty Images

    "This bob takes on a very flattering vintage look thanks to the slight 'wet' effect, the natural waves and the jeweled hairpin," explains Raquel Saiz of Salón Blue from Santander. "To get extra shine, you will have to resort to a 'styling' product. In this way, you will also achieve that the hair is polished and fixed," says the expert.

    And the makeup? "To begin with, we have to prepare the skin and then apply a dark shadow to the entire eyelid, from the tear duct to the end of the eye socket," Chiqui Peña tells us, adding that it is very important to define the eyelashes well. . "We finish the 'make up' with some translucent powder to remove any possible shine," says the expert.

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    Five 'beauty looks' that you can copy to go to work
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