DIY: How to do Rímel for home tabs and with 3 ingredients

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Natural cosmetics is winning terrero, since it is an excellent alternative to save money and save time, to save the planet by recycling products and, of course, to embell us naturally.

Previously, we share the recipe step by step to make home lip.

All you need are 3 ingredients!

Also, you can choose the color that is your liking, since the color is defined by you.


DIY: Cómo hacer rímel para pestañas casero y con 3 ingredientes

What do you need?

- Gel (it can be the one you use for hair or transparent eyelashes)

- Aloe vera pulp

- Eye shadows of your preference (black, coffee or, colors!)

- A bottle of an ancient rímel well washed and defining

- Ricine or rosemary oil

How to do it?

- Add the gel, aloe vera to a container and mix.

- scrape the shadows you no longer use to create a dust and add it to the previous mixture.

- If you like you can add some droplets of oil or rosemary oil.

This will give a plus to your ride, since it will help the eyelashes grow!

- Finally, add the mixture to the recycled bottle of your old rímel and voila.

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DIY: How to do Rímel for home tabs and with 3 ingredients
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