Can natural cosmetics be manufactured at home?

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When you have the necessary knowledge, homemade natural cosmetics is safe and care for the environment, since it does not generate chemical waste and provides preparations that achieve long -term effects.

In addition, not using artificial components, secondary problems are avoided and skin pores are not clogged.On the other hand, when someone learns to prepare their own products, significant money savings are generated.

In this case, a way of training in natural cosmetics is through the courses offered by Sara Sierra, a doctor in chemistry and superior technician in natural dermocosmetic in her school.Sara Sierra's goal is for people to understand her skin needs and learn to meet them using the knowledge she transmits, to create from scratch everything that is necessary for this purpose.

Achieve self -sufficiency in natural cosmetics with Sara Sierra

The natural cosmetics DIY, by the acronym in English that mean "do it yourself" (do it yourself), focuses on self -sufficiency.To get to that point, Sara Sierra, after years of experience working both in the area of chemistry and forming in natural cosmetics, teaches a series of courses that address different topics.

Those who follow their Naturpiel program will access an online course of natural cosmetics for facial care in which you learn to make natural products.The program consists of more than 50 explanatory videos, which include tutorials with the preparation of cosmetics and information classes on the skin.In addition, it is possible to download materials in PDF format where recipes and data on the properties of the ingredients are found.Students also have support via email for six months and access to a closed Facebook group only for them.

¿Se puede fabricar cosmética natural en casa?

Another option is to perform the course on solid capillary cosmetics that has the purpose of teaching the preparations of cosmetics that apply to the scalp and hair.As in all the courses of Sara Sierra, who are recorded access to different materials, recipes and help through the school platform.

What other workshops teaches Sara Sierra?

Another knowledge that is important in the field of natural cosmetics DIY is that of active ingredients.Sara Sierra dictates an online workshop about it to learn how to use them and include them in homemade natural cosmetics preparations.In this way, it is possible to learn to combine them, know the appropriate amounts and know which are the best in relation to the objective that is sought.

Finally, Sara Sierra offers the possibility of carrying out tailored workshops on different topics such as facial cosmetics, solid capillary cosmetics or creams.These get attendees to learn to make products such as cleaners, shampoo, conditioner, mask and moisturizing creams on their own account both for the body and the face, among others.

In conclusion, through the courses and workshops that Sara Sierra dictates, it is possible to get the necessary knowledge to venture into the area of natural cosmetics and achieve self -sufficiency.

Can natural cosmetics be manufactured at home?
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