Beauty Lip tint: How to remove make-up without irritation and without damaging the lips

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Lip tint has become a 'must' in lip makeup since it always makes them look perfect and also lasts almost all day flawlessly as if it had just been applied. The very tenacious color, however, should never be removed like a common lipstick, with a simple paper soaked in water, this is because the lips are really very delicate and need care and attention. So let's see how to remove make-up from lip tint without irritating the lips.

Lip tint: How to remove makeup without irritation and without damaging the lips

There are different types of lip tints on the market, some much more like liquid lipstick with good longevity and quite a comfortable texture, while others look like real lip paint and the color tends to set almost indelibly on the lips. Let's find out how to treat your lips to get the most out of a stain and how to remove make-up gently and effectively.

How to treat lips to get the most out of a tint

The lips are a very sensitive part of our face that should always be treated with care, especially if they are subjected to the stress of lip tints every day, which on the one hand give colorful and perfect lips for many hours, on the other hand they tend to incredibly dry the lip mucosa and even irritate it if you remove make-up incorrectly.

Beauty Lip Tint: How To Remove Makeup Without Irritation and without damaging the lips

Lips should be hydrated every day by using specific creams and lipsticks made with cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut or other vegetable oils and butters perfect for skin care.

On the other hand, a weekly lip scrub can help make lips soft and velvety and can also be made at home with a simple recipe. Lips that are always well hydrated will be able to accommodate the lip stain and always remain a minimum of protection under the layer of color.

How to apply lip stain to make it last longer

Since any color, unlike a common lipstick, will always tend to dry out the lips, before applying the lip tint we use a good amount of cocoa cream and after a few minutes we remove the excess by dabbing with a tissue .

The lips will be hydrated and the stain can be applied. Once applied, it will have to dry for a few minutes and at that time it will be indelible. The secret to keeping your color bright and preventing it from drying out will be to apply a cocoa lip cream with a matte finish that hydrates the color throughout the day. In this way the lips will maintain a minimum of hydration and the annoying effect of tightening the skin will be avoided.

How to remove make-up perfectly

To remove all traces of lip stain you will have to proceed by softening the color by applying a vegetable oil, in the absence of anything else, olive oil or seeds will also be fine.

By massaging the oil or even a lip cleanser, the color will gently 'melt' between your fingers. After massaging the lips, excess color can be removed with a soft cotton pad soaked in biphasic make-up remover. After removing all traces of color, rinse with lukewarm water, pat lips and dab on crème de cacao to hydrate again.

Beauty Lip tint: How to remove make-up without irritation and without damaging the lips
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