Anjelica Huston on mushrooms, accidental perms and cosmetic surgery

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IconsThe Oscar-winning actress and icon of the 70s, image at 69 of the fragrance Bloom Profumo Di Fiori by Gucci, brings us her best anecdotes (and more than one beauty and well-being trick)

By Hannah Coates

Anjelica Huston, Oscar-winning actress, director, producer, writer and '70s it girl (with once-partners including photographer Bob Richardson and fellow actor Jack Nicholson), needs no introduction. Today her icon, turned at 69 into the image of Gucci's Bloom Profumo di Fiori fragrance, brings us her best beauty and well-being anecdotes, from an unwanted perm to the mushroom infusion with which she starts the day .

About that time she got the perm

“I remember going to a hairdresser in Paris and saying, 'I want Jackie Onasiss' hair.' That's what I wanted...but not what he did to me.He gave me a perm and I spent three months in a headscarf until he "cooled off" a bit. But to appease nothing, you can't even imagine, it was a horror. I had no choice, only my babuschka scarf! I still remember seeing those tight curls before leaving the hotel and thinking: 'Shit'. I spent three months like this and then I took it off by cutting my hair”.

Her favorite looks from the 70s

“Cowboy chic. So, without a doubt. I'm still very much a fan of wearing cowboy boots, white shirts, and cowboy hats. I love that look. No shoulder pads, because I already have good shoulders. When I put them on I look like a hunchback, and that must be avoided at all costs. But I love big skirts, those big skirts so pretty that they seem to float, with their combination and their cancan. Those huge retro 50s style skirts. Absolute love.”

Her infallible self-esteem shot

“I put on tons of mascara, like four coats. No particular brand, I like them all. All and at the same time."

About the fragrance Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori

Anjelica Huston talks about mushrooms, perms by accident and cosmetic surgery

“[Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori] represents what I like best about myself, my most romantic and intoxicating qualities, put like that, with a bit of a nose. The thing is, I love it because it smells so much like tuberose, which has always been my favorite flower, even as a young girl in the 1960s. It's from pretty girls like Marianne Faithfull and Jean Shrimpton, and it's colorful and warm and romantic."

“I had a great time doing the campaign photos, the girls [he is joined by Jodie Turner-Smith, Florence Welch and Susie Cave] were gorgeous, which isn't always the case. In movies, normally, you have a group of people and you think 'ag'. I especially fell in love with Susie Cave, but they were all so beautiful and so different, we had a great time. It was very hot in Italy, but everything was very good, the food was very good and when we returned to the hotel in the evening, we would take a dip in the pool. the experience was wonderful”.

Best Beauty Advice She's Ever Received

“I think it was Serge Lutens who told me to cut my bangs. He was in Paris working for Dior, with Bob Richardson and Serge, and Bob said, 'What are we going to do?' And Serge said, 'I'd like to cut her bangs.' I told him it's okay. She gave me a bob, a real bob, and cut my bangs just above my eyes. I've kept the same look ever since."

On her iconic bangs

“I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but my bangs are gone with this Covid thing. I can't wait to go back to my hairdresser because whenever I cut my bangs myself, I get a lot of shears, so this time I preferred to let it grow until I see her again. You can imagine, it's been three or four months and my bangs reach the tip of my nose, it's not pretty. But it will come back, I promise. I'm much better with bangs."

Mushrooms in the morning

“I like to start the day drinking water with lots of lemon and taking a brisk and cool walk in the morning. I drink a combination of six different types of mushrooms: cordyceps, lion's mane, maitake, tiger's tail, and chaga. They all come in powder form and I prepare a couple of teaspoons of each with hot water and lemon as if it were a broth, a witch's potion. It suits me so much better than bloody coffee."

Nighttime facial routine

“I wash my face with I don't know what, I don't know what it's called, some kind of toner, then I rinse with water and apply things. There is a whole universe of fantastic serums. I love serums. I fall on top of each other – I don't really know if they work or not but I love them. I have a great vitamin C one and I use it a lot.”

About cosmetic surgery

“When I look in the mirror, my neck is not the same as before. I guess I should still do something with that, but then you go into a spin. You start with the neck and then it's time to raise the chin and... I don't know about me. I think I'm going to give it another year of margin and see how it goes, I've been saying the same thing for years now! [laughs]. Since I've been through operations without my choosing, I hate the feeling, I don't like being ripped off, I prefer life in the country. Smile a lot and have everyone say: 'Hey, what a nice face!'”

Hair Care

“I wash my hair every day, which is what I'm not supposed to do. Worse is that I have a wonderful Kérastase shampoo, and the conditioner is ideal too.

Wellness Routines

“I've tried meditation, I've done it a few times but it doesn't fit me very well or doesn't work well for me. I love the idea itself, but maybe I'm too lazy for that or something. What I do a lot is yoga. I like to stretch like a cat. I also really like to dance and I dance whenever I can. In these times dancing is difficult but I think we will do it again. And with enormous skirts, I would like that when the Covid ends the dance will resurface with more force. I also like to write. I think the longer you stay active and brain-active, the better off you'll be."

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Anjelica Huston on mushrooms, accidental perms and cosmetic surgery
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