All the questions you ask yourself to combine manicure and pedicure this summer

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When the time of sandals arrives and wearing beautiful hands in summer, the interest in combining our nails of the hands like those of the feet grows.Whether you are a fan of bright and more discreet colors, these are the questions you always ask yourself to combine your manicure and pedicure this summer according to three experts Nail Artists.

Nothing more appealing in summer than discovering how to play to combine your manicure with your pedicure to show off hands and feet for new season sandals.The possibilities are endless and in addition to showing off natural and fixed nails, you can also bet on summer trend colors with monochromatic combinations or complementary tones.

In addition, in summer, we always choose to wear cheerful and striking colors that highlight our brunette, and combine with all our most summer looks."A few years ago wearing a fluorine color in manicure or pedicure was something unthinkable, but we have already lost their fear, and now nobody resists them," says Lucero Hurtado, Ambassador of Opi Spain.

Manicure and pedicure tones that are better

When discovering what colors or chromatic ranges are better in your summer maniasts, as Carlota Martínez tells us, in charge of Deborah Lippmann in Spain, assures us that it is the target that best goes with our tanned skin and also enhances its luminosity."White enamel combines especially with yellow and pink, especially when they show lighter shades" and when choosing an off -road color for your pedicure, "it is a success to resort to garnet for our pedicure, since it is a colorVery used so that in the hands any tone we choose will be successful, "he says.

It is also safe success to resort to different French manicures both classic and in colors of similar chromatic ranges and the different types of yellow, which are trend this summer season both in manicures and pedicures and ideal pastel tones to combine them both in hands and feet.

Todas las preguntas que te haces para combinar manicura y pedicura este verano

Rita Remark, Global Lead Educator of Essie, proposes other winning duos for this summer with the trend tones you can try.For example, "you can bet on a bright lime green color with a softer pale green or a daring fuchsia with an apricot and if you like mocha tones, choose pink white as complementary to carry or in your manicures or in your pedicures becauseIt is also an infallible binomial ".

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Another option as Lucero Hurtado tells us is "to use two enamels of the same chromatic range for example blue, roses or oranges, and wear the clearest tone in the manicure, and the darkest on the feet, since by not being so aThe view, this will stand out more ".

Manicures and pedicures that most favor any age

If you are looking for a manicure that makes your hands prettier and without age, as Mery Oaknin, co-founder and CEO of D-Uñas "recommends for the most classic, nothing like contributing for traditional French manicure in hands and combining it with asmooth pedicure in nude or white tones because it offers a very clean and timeless result and is ideal for all the events of the season ".

If you want to innovate, the inverted French manicure or the combination of two overlapping colors on the edge of the nail or a French manicure in pastel or fluorine also triumphs, either mixing colors in rainbow or individually and with the complete pedicure in the sametones, never fails.And as Carlota Martínez tells us, "there are also other options such as nude, roses or brown colors, which give up our hands".

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As for the pedicure, any age is good to wear orange or reddish tones, whether clear or dark.However, "bluish colors can highlight the veins or skin spots although wearing them is also a matter of taste," says the nail expert.

Dare with the rainbows and very bright

The skittle nails or rainbow nail.As Lucero Hurtado assures us, "you can combine both manicure and pedicure with the skittle nails, but whenever they are the same tones and pattern of color.

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If you see that the combination can be very striking, you can use a tone in several ranges for all the nails, and give that extra touch of color just one nail of each hand and foot "".You can also add an extra shine to your nails that have remained mates or add a touch of top coat top in alternate nails.Of course, we recommend that you combine them with white or cake colors.

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All the questions you ask yourself to combine manicure and pedicure this summer
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