5 gestures with which it will seem for a few hours that you have (much) thicker lips

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Did you know that the most successful aesthetic touch-up in times of pandemic is lip filler? The experts were surprised when they reported that the demand for this type of treatment was skyrocketing: "Lips augmentation treatments with hyaluronic acid have increased exponentially, just the part of the face that is covered with the mask. We are making more mouths than ever," says Dr. Leo Cerrud. If you too have fantasized about adding volume to this area of ​​the face but you don't dare at all, or you simply want to learn the techniques with which to imitate the effect from home and recover its natural size when removing make-up, there are 5 steps with which than get it. Discover the expert tricks with which to care for and make up this feature so that it appears thicker for a few hours.


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Depending on their age, women look for a different result when they get excited about a lip retouch: "In general, the perioral area continues to be one of the most demanded areas in aesthetic medicine consultations. Between 25 and 35 years old they look for fuller lips and between 45 and 55 years old they want to restore the lost volume", explains the general surgeon and aesthetic doctor Virtudes Ruíz. To achieve a global beautifying effect from home, putting these 5 tricks into practice at home is a way to enjoy the benefits that the doctor points out for a few hours: treat with specific care, exfoliate, nourish, increase and make-up. She discovers the importance of each of these steps and how to get the most out of them with the advice of the professionals:

1. Specific treatments

Although many know the importance of caring for the eye contour with tailored formulas due to how delicate the skin in this area is and how quickly it ages, few remember the lip area, which is practically as fine and sensitive. From the natural cosmetics brand Cocunat they explain that wearing a mask aggravates the problem: "In times of mask, our lips have begun to be weaker, dehydrated, with cracks or more redness than usual. And not only the lips, the area of the chin and nose are also affected by the various layers of fabric we've added." Its solution is its Divine Balm, based on olive oil, propolis, beeswax or royal jelly to promote cell regeneration, relieve chafing, deeply nourish and repair. As a trick to increase its benefits, you just have to apply a thick layer on the lips throughout the night or half an hour before applying makeup.


2. Remove dead cells

Leaving the skin soft, promoting blood circulation and making any lipstick much more beautiful: these are some of the benefits of the gesture recommended by the SkinLabo experts. "The skin of the lips must be smooth, free of cracks, flakes and perfectly renewed so that you can draw your best smile. It is necessary to resort to specific exfoliating treatments for them that eliminate dead cells," explain the brand's specialists, who they point to their Lip Scrub with sugar microcrystals that not only achieve a velvety touch and free of cracks, "by stimulating circulation it also emphasizes its natural color and increases volume".

3. Total hydration

“When there is a tendency to dryness, what we must do is maintain the optimal state of our skin barrier and this is achieved through good hydration on a global level. In addition, from the laboratory we recommend lipsticks that not only provide hydration, but also regenerate the area", explains Patricia Castro, pharmacist and head of Product Training at Babé Laboratories, who recommends the brand's Lip Repair, formulated with 10% of active nutrients and regenerators, in addition to not containing minerals to promote perspiration.When you apply the product, massage it to increase its benefits: "Massage helps stimulate blood flow and improves skin elasticity. You can give yourself a massage with your index fingers facing each other and starting from the midpoint towards the corners, both on the upper and lower lip," explains Nathalia Arango, co-founder of the Opuntia Organic center.


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4. Formulas 'fill effect'

Now comes the last step in terms of care or, as they call it from SkinLabo, "the final touch. Nothing like an extra volume to make the makeup stand out better. But it's not just about increasing the contour, the lips must be perfectly filled, smooth and juicy". To achieve this, experts point to formulas with 'filler action' such as its Super Puffy Lips, a gel cream with its active ingredient Volufiline®️ that promises an instant 'thickness effect': "The treatment also has a powerful filling effect thanks to the active ingredient Hotflux®️ that is extracted from vanilla extract, and is not lacking in its composition Almond Oil with nourishing action", explain the brand's specialists.

5. The power of makeup

Once you have treated, exfoliated and deeply hydrated your lips, you already have the perfect canvas to create the illusion of a fuller mouth thanks to makeup. To begin with, do not underestimate the power of lipstick to embellish the contour and, if you want to overline it, do it only in the center and not on the sides for a more realistic finish. As for lipsticks with greater 'filling' power, earth tones or those that imitate the natural color of the mouth are the most recommended. As an ideal option, Buxom's Full Force™ Plumping Lipstick contains in its formula volumizing peptides, hyaluronic acid, menthol chill, avocado, olive and jojoba oil and vitamin E, a combination of volumizing, smoothing and nourishing super-ingredients with which to finish this XL lip look.

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5 gestures with which it will seem for a few hours that you have (much) thicker lips
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