Two women arrested in Valladolid who forced a third to prostitute themselves and deliver half of the profits

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ICAL Valladolid

Agents of the National Police arrested two women as alleged pimps who forced a third to practice prostitution and give them half of the profits that she obtained. The arrests occurred on January 17. The arrested, 27 and 37 years old, do not have a police record.

The victim contacted the detainees with the intention of renting a bedroom in the apartment that both ran to practice prostitution independently. Once there, and "taking advantage of the vulnerability and the situation of need and defenselessness of the victim", the women changed the initial conditions "demanding absolute availability twenty-four hours a day and attention to all the clients they provided", according to what was reported. the Police, who confirms that the detainees exercised total control over the victim.

The precarious economic situation of the transgender victim was further aggravated when the pimps demanded half of what was collected for her services, in addition to what was agreed for the rent of the room. The detainees advertised unprotected sexual services on different web pages, the woman refusing to exercise under the imposed conditions that put her health at risk, for which she was coerced and intimidated by those arrested.

Physical integrity and your health

Detenidas dos mujeres en Valladolid que obligaban a una tercera a prostituirse y a entregar la mitad de las ganancias

Fearing for her physical integrity and health, she tried to leave the apartment, but was intercepted by two men who, trying to break her will to leave, attacked her with blows for which she required medical assistance, with different bruises and even a finger. broken.

Finally, and despite her situation of vulnerability, the victim went to the police after escaping from her home. Those arrested were released after submitting the proceedings to the Judicial Authority. The operation was carried out by agents of the Valladolid Provincial Police Station.

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Two women arrested in Valladolid who forced a third to prostitute themselves and deliver half of the profits
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