Tomato masks on the skin: effects and benefits

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When something gets fashionable on the net, it almost burns. Something like this has happened with tomato, which has experienced its own moment of glory thanks to the influencers echoing in express videos like this of how tomato is the star ingredient of their home masks.

This fruit (not a vegetable) regularly consumed helps our health by reducing cholesterol or preventing cardiovascular problems. But what about the skin? How do they act? Are the influences wrong or are they doing what you should do when you finish reading this article? Keep reading...

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The truth is that tomato is quite a superfood. It has a very high percentage of nutrients that, topically, can have great benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, A, E, B6 and proteins, including lycopene, an antioxidant carotenoid that protects against free radicals.

What can happen to your face if you add tomato?

Among other things, all vitamins and tomato properties will help regulate skin fat.

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It is also effective in fighting pimples and grains and a perfect "sealing" of dilated pores and a powerful solution for stains. Thanks to the acidity, it clarifies the skin and naturally illuminates the opaque and off skins.

Tomato is also a great ally in treating acne.

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How to apply it

Mascarillas de tomate en la piel: efectos y beneficios

In addition, tomato is a natural astringent that refreshes the skin. You can apply it by creating a homemade mask with its juice, shredding it previously and applying it like any other mask or you can choose to put slices on your face and rub them on the skin so that the pulp can act. Let it rest for about 10-15 minutes and clear with plenty of water.

Another way to use tomato on your face is the mixture of the pulp and juice of a lemon. You will notice the lighter, brighter and fresher face.

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Contraindicaciones en la piel

We know about the astringent action of tomato, even its wiping power on shins, but do you have any against it? The truth is that beyond the contraindications of food intake, for example, which taken in abundant amounts can cause kidney problems or diarrhea (especially if taken raw, for possible salmonella contamination), in the skin-not exceptionally sensitive-it is a great ingredient.

If your skin is very sensitive, it is better to avoid its use, as it can be irritating. In addition, it is important to be aware of whether or not you have an allergy to this food, in order to avoid reddening.

Other uses of tomato

Continuing with tomato as a topical treatment, in addition to the famous masks running through the social network like gunpowder, some use tomato as an exfoliating body cleaner, as a hair enhancer and even as a circulation stimulant.

And if you have ever burned with the sun, you may also have gone to tomato as a solution to calm the skin reddened by the burns, because tomato is an excellent soothing in these cases.

By the way, if you want to add an extra hydration to your homemade tomato mask, add a couple of tablespoons of natural glycerin. You'll see how wonderful it is!

5 face masks to try today

Okay, at this point, tomato face masks may have conquered you. But before you throw yourself into the Blender to make your own uncontrolled blends, we have selected for you 5 tomato face masks, with the same effects and benefits, but ready to use. By the way, one plus: they all cost less than 2 euros!

PrimorTomato Mascarilla FacialFancy HandyPrimor1,99 €COMPRAR

Mascarilla facial de tomate, de Fancy Handy

This tomato face mask is from Fancy hand's Minifruit line. It costs 1.99 €and helps protect from free radicals thanks to their antioxidant power, in addition to preventing aging.

Apply a gentle massage on the face and allow to act between 10 and 15 minutes. Then clear with plenty of water.

PrimorMáscara Revitalizante de TomateFarmskinPrimor1,99 €COMPRAR

Mascarilla facial revitalizante de tomate, de Farmskin

Another proposal that will also help to enhance the luminosity of the face for a radiant effect. It fills the skin with nutrients and leaves it soft and healthy.

PrimorMascarilla Facial TomateSWLDPrimor1,00 €COMPRAR

Mascarilla facial de tomate de SWLD

The tomato SWLD mask helps reduce wrinkles, accelerates skin renewal and improves its elasticity thanks, in addition to tomato, to its high vitamin B3 content, further clarifying age spots. Apply the mask and allow to act for 15 to 20 minutes.

PrimorMascarilla Facial de TomateMilattePrimor1,00 €COMPRAR

Mascarilla facial de tomate de Milatte

This mask runs out over and over again. And not only because it costs 1 euros, but because it is comfortable to use (in cellulose format impregnated with tomato essence) and for its moisturizing effects thanks to ingredients such as vitamin A, K and lycopene.

PrimorMascarilla Facial de TomateBaronessPrimor1,00 €COMPRAR

Mascarilla facial de tomate de Baroness

Another 'low' tomato face mask proposal in mask sheet format helps strengthen the skin, remove toxins, whiten the tone and increase its elasticity. It's a pass.

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Tomato masks on the skin: effects and benefits
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