Jitomate and cucumber mask to recover the original tone of your skin

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This cucumber and tomato mask recipe (also sought as a tomato and cucumber mask in Mexico) is very good to remove the skin.

And is that the combination of both ingredients is almost magic.

But why?How do cucumber and skin tomato act?

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Cucumber in the face...what is it for?

Pepine has multiple benefits for your skin due to the large concentrations of water, vitamins and minerals that it includes.

In addition to anti -inflammatory properties, cucumbers are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin C and folic acid.

That is why it is as used in facial masks and even as natural patches for dark circles.

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Mascarilla de jitomate y pepino para recuperar el tono original de tu piel

Tomato on the face...what is it for?

We have told you before all the benefits of tomato or tomato on your skin.

However, it is worth remembering some of them.

Tomatoes or tomatoes contain high content of potassium and vitamin C, so it is so effective to level the hydration of the face and restore skin shine.

In addition, they contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body and treat skin problems related to aging and sun damage.

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Jitomate and cucumber mask recipe

As you can see, both ingredients are endowed with everything your skin needs to restore and look spectacular.

To prepare this cucumber and tomato mask you need:

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Cucumber and tomato mask recipe

The cooler the ingredients, the result will be better.

1.In a blender or a processor, add the tomato or tomato with shell and licúa.

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two.Then add the cucumber half with everything and peel and seeds.

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3.Transfriere the mixture to a bowl, add the spoonful of honey and stir.

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4.Apply in your clean face, excluding lips and eyes.Leave act for 15 minutes.

Then remove with clean water.Your skin will feel the freshest and most rested.

You can apply it up to twice a week and with constancy you will see in more or less two weeks the first results.

This mask is worth incorporating it into your usual beauty routine.It is excellent for all types of skins.

Finally, there are many other ways to include skin products.In this video that we prepare for you there are more ideas:

Jitomate and cucumber mask to recover the original tone of your skin
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