TikTok's viral trick to remove pimples, under review

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    Has a pimple come out and you don't know what to do? Many people with skin problems tend to be ashamed of them and try to hide them in quite creative ways. We have already told you that toothpaste is not good for pimples and that the best thing you can do if you have acne is to put yourself in the hands of experienced professionals so that they can advise you on the best routine and specific treatments for your skin.

    "Today, advertisements for miracle products that offer to quickly recover skin without blemishes, pimples, cellulite, eczema or wrinkles are common. And now social networks allow the supposed tricks to be added to all this- miracle, which surprisingly, in a short time and with little money, will almost magically solve your problem", explains Dr. Cristina Paradelo, dermatologist at the Institut Dermatologic Integral in Barcelona.

    El truco viral de TikTok para quitar los granos, a examen

    One of them is the use of dressings for foot blisters in order to remove pimples. Yes, we are serious. And if you don't believe us, check out this TikTok video.

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    Of course, this trick is much more dangerous than you think. "Patches can complicate existing injuries and can even cause a worse injury by removing the patch and tearing the skin, generating a scar or mark larger than the one that would have been initially. If, in addition, patches or dressings designed for other functions are used As patches to cure or prevent friction blisters, the risks increase. These dressings are very useful in blisters because they are capable of absorbing part of the liquid content of the blister, reducing pain and facilitating repair. To do this, they adhere firmly to the skin and are designed to be removed when the dressing itself detaches from the skin, which can cause erosions when removed prematurely.The skin of the feet differs a lot from the face, both in thickness and in the richness of sebaceous glands or in its flora. Its use does not provide any benefit in facial injuries, but it alters a correct barrier function, favors the plugging of the follicular orifices and can and cause more injuries, especially in already predisposed skin, as the mask does in the 'maskné'", adds the expert.

    "If you have occasional acne, the most sensible thing is to resort to specific products for it. And if it is persistent or recurrent lesions, do not settle for covering them: consult your dermatologist to solve the problem", concludes the dermatologist.

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    TikTok's viral trick to remove pimples, under review
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