This is what you have to take into account if you are going to travel by plane

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Going up a plane these days is much more complicated than ever.Many of the comforts to which travelers have become accustomed to airports - salon, restaurants, bars - are closed.On the plane, there are no options for meals on most flights (and there is no alcohol).

In general terms, flying at this time is stressful: people are worried about maintaining an adequate distance;Every time someone coughs, everyone goes on a maximum alert;And using the bath is scary, to say at least, since there are many surfaces that everyone plays.Makes the pleasure of traveling by plane a little less exciting and a little more enervant.

If you intend to reserve a flight, it is important to think carefully and critically about what you put in your hand luggage.Not only do you want to stay safe and comfortable, but you also want.Also think if it is strictly necessary.A small sacrifice can save lives.

Next, we talk to doctors about how to pack and prepare in the era of COVID-19:

Travel Security Councils for Coronavirus

Although all airlines require a cover to board, a facial shield is another safe way to protect.However, sometimes using a large bulky plastic device for a few hours in a confined space is not cozy.

That is why Dra.Jennifer Haythe, a cardiologist for critical care at the Columbia University Center, suggests wearing glasses in place.Even if you do not need some and you have a perfect 20/20 vision, they can provide an additional protection barrier, since COVID-19 can be infected through suspension droplets that come into contact with the eyes.

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Esto es lo que tienes que tener en cuenta si vas a viajar en avión

Among the most obvious needs is a facial mask, which can be fabric or disposable.Keep in mind that it is best to use a freshly washed or new facial mask every time.And in cases like this in which you could be running quickly through an airport, the idea of a breathable facial mask destined for exercise is not a bad idea either.

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Do not forget the headphones to disconnect.Airlines still provide headphones but may not be as hygienic as bringing a comfortable couple from your home, according to dr.Nabeel Chaudhary by Manhattan Specialty Care.Remember to bring a couple that connects to the screen, since no airline offers Bluetooth technology (still).

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And you will want a clean blanket.Once you have reached the cruise altitude and the booth pressure is normalized, you set out in your seat, just to feel suddenly frozen.Fresh temperatures on a plane are part of the travel experience, but you can feel uncomfortable accepting a manta of a hostess during current circumstances.

In some cases, airlines have stopped providing them to reduce the possible pollution.To be sure, Beverly Hills's dr.

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And you can't have too many gloves when traveling by plane, according to Haythe.She says that an easy way to be cautious is to pack many gloves for the trip.

"Use a few layers of gloves and remove them as you pass through the airport," he continues."Remove a couple after security, another after shipping and finally when you get to your seat".

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If you are one of those who are constantly applying lip balm, you can be doing more for your health and safety than you think.As a resident of Internal Urban Health Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dra.Talía Robledo-Gil explains that airplanes are very dry places, and dryness affects our wet mucous membranes.When applying balm or cream, we protect part of that moisture to avoid breaking one of our barriers to the immune system.

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It is also convenient to carry a bottle of own water.The doctor.Ralph e.Holsworth, director of Clinical and Scientific Research of Esuntia Water, says that hydration helps the first line of defense for the body, and it is essential to keep our strong immune system.

"Moco requires water for formation," he says."Each cavity in the body is covered with cells that produce mucus, including cells in the ears, nose, throat, lung and gastrointestinal tract".

When we do not have enough water in our system, we lose the ability to fight bacteria.Make sure you have a bottle of water by hand, better if you have a straw or hospitalized pole so you don't have to take the mask when drinking.

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Before the COVID-19, you probably made sure to have your shipping card downloaded on your phone and a copy of your passport in your email, just in case.However, from now on, the DR.Sarma Velamuri, the founder of the Luminare Medical Care Technology Company, predicts that health certifications can be part of the shipping process.

They should not be confused with immunity passports.Velamuri recommends taking evidence that symptom surveillance has been performed for 14 days and has been negative in the tests before flying.In other words, being hyperorganized before flight at this time is essential.

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Just as bringing a blanket for the trip, dressing with layers is an easy way to keep you hot while it is in the air.Be sure to wear a sweatshirt and a super comfortable suit before the flight.

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We have been preached again and again in the last six months, but here is another reminder: Wash your hands.Velamuri says that this practice is more effective than the disinfectant of hands and must be prioritized during your travel day.Every time you get in touch with areas that others have touched, be sure to properly rub with soap.

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This is what you have to take into account if you are going to travel by plane
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