They are not fillers! Kim Kardashian's makeup artist reveals his secret to full lips

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Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, gives a tip to outline the lips so they look thicker without the need for fillers and it went viral. We tell you what he is about.

Mario Dedivanovic, who is behind many of Kim Kardashian's most iconic looks, shared a technique to overline lips and make them look fuller, without the need for fillers.

It is an open secret that full lips are achieved thanks to hyaluronic acid fillers, as we told you before; however, the makeup artist has explained that there is a way to get them without injecting anything.

Although the technique of outlining the lips is well known (practically all celebrities do it in one way or another), Dedivanovic's proposal is very different since he only proposes outlining the cupid's bow and the center of the lower lip.

This contrasts with the popular technique of outlining the entire mouth. By the way, that beauty secret was imposed by Kylie Jenner, another Kardashian.

¡No son fillers! El maquillista de Kim Kardashian revela su secreto para tener unos labios gruesos

As the "Kim K" makeup artist told Allure magazine, outlining just those two areas of the mouth is beneficial because it "shortens the space between the nose and lips, makes the lips look fuller, and gives the illusion that your mouth is full." had a little lift (or lifting)."

Photography: Instagram @makeupbymario

How to outline the lips to make them look thicker?

In addition to following the steps explained above, the color of the eyeliner is key.

Although the makeup artist did not specify the best color to create this technique, most people have followed this advice by using a liner that is the same natural color as their lips.

However, Allure magazine suggests using a slightly darker color to better sharpen features. In such a way that you would be doing a kind of contour of the mouth; playing with shadows and highlights to sharpen this area of ​​the face.

What are the best lip liners?

Despite the new trends, MAC is still one of the most popular brands when it comes to lip liners; since it has many colors and they slide easily.

But if spending 339 pesos on an eyeliner is not an option, there are inexpensive and equally effective alternatives.

Bissú's Tintalines cost 59 pesos and are super popular. For many people, they are as good as the ones from MAC.

Instagram @bissucosmeticsmx

On the other hand, Italia Deluxe eyeliners are also adored by many makeup fans. Although they are a bit more difficult to find online, you can find them in any market. They cost more or less 30 pesos.

So now you know, there are ways to transform your face without spending much and having fun with makeup.

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 They are not fillers!  Kim Kardashian's makeup artist reveals his secret to full lips
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