These are the 10 best apps to exercise without going to the gym

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One of the Christmas traditions most supported by the Spanish is to join the gym at the beginning of the year to silence the guilt of having eaten dozens of shortbread and arriving on time for the bikini operation. However, since the pandemic broke into our lives, the users of sports centers in Spain have decreased considerably in 2020, according to this study of the sector. In fact, almost a million people have unsubscribed compared to 2019, but this year they have managed to keep more than 60% of their members.

The objection to the possibility of catching the virus when being in a closed space or the discomfort of having to exercise with the mask on are some of the reasons why people have chosen to unsubscribe from the gym and dedicate themselves to practicing. sport outdoors or in your own home. If you are among the latter, you will surely support your daily routines with videos or tables that facilitate safe and effective sports practice, but perhaps it is time for you to switch to one of the applications that we recommend in this article, the best ones to exercise from your living room

These apps provide many advantages. In addition to being able to exercise with flexible hours, they adapt their proposal to the time you have to dedicate to your body and your level. They all have free trials and most of them have no cost to our pocket, although we do have to deal with ads in some cases. Come on, we just need to choose the one we like the most, download it and take the mat to get in shape.

1. Home exercises

Its name already gives us enough clues about what we will find in this app: exercises to do at home and the possibility of creating alarms so that we forget to comply with our sports routines. It helps us warm up and stretch at the end to protect ourselves from possible injuries, and incorporates explanatory images. It gives us the option to customize our boards and keep track of our weight. We can find it available for Android and iOS.

2. Exercises at home

Another application that leaves no room for doubt. It allows us to do our exercises at home without the need for training material, using the weight of our own body to perform the routines. We propose different types to work certain muscles, such as abdominals or glutes. It also includes warm-ups and stretching, showing animations and videos so that they are done in the correct postures and injuries are avoided. It is available for Android and iOS.

3. 7 minute workout

Estas son las 10 mejores apps para hacer ejercicio sin ir al gimnasio

It will sound great if you have little time or if you are a bit lazy when it comes to putting on your tracksuit. But be careful, don't let its name give rise to misunderstandings because this app offers us short circuits, but with high intensity (HICT in its acronym in English). It consists of 12 routines with periods of 30 seconds, in which you rest 10 seconds before starting again. It has exercise blocks by category with detailed explanations. It is available in Android and iOS version.

4. Workit Trainer

The only downside to this app is that you need a subscription to unlock all its features, but it is one of the most complete on the market. Using only your body weight to perform exercises, the app divides them into categories: upper body strength, lower body, abdominals, stretching and even yoga exercises. Another advantage is that it includes low-impact boards for beginners and seniors, and that you can select the training time. It is available on Android and iOS.

5. Sit-ups in 30 days

This app will allow you to show off "chocolate bar abs" and arrive on time for the bikini operation. These are exercises to train the abdominal muscles with great effectiveness. There are for all levels and just a few minutes a day are enough to comply with the routine. They contemplate plans for different levels: losing belly fat, abs like stones and the aforementioned chocolate bar. It also has a calendar to mark daily progress. It is available on Android and iOS.

6. Lose weight in 30 days

This app, in addition to offering us workouts at home, offers us a 30-day challenge designed by personal trainers that seeks to improve fitness and health. The intensity of the exercise will increase as the days go by and we will be able to keep track of the progress, watch videos, sign up for challenges and share our progress on social networks while losing weight. It is available on Android and iOS.

7. Hit cardio workouts

This application is based on high intensity interval training (HIT) and allows you to perform cardio exercises at home without equipment. There are 4 programs with a total of 90 exercises accompanied by video tutorials that adapt to the difficulty of each person. It can be installed on Android and also on iOS.

8. Energy Workout

This application, which we have already talked about on other occasions, contains a large number of exercises and workouts that range from 7 to 40 minutes in length. There are for any level and it is not necessary to have additional material at home. They divide their tables into parts of the body or types of routines that they want to perform so that you can find what best suits each moment. It is only available for Android.

9. Freeletics Bodyweight

It also offers different training plans with variable difficulty depending on the level of physical activity you are used to. All exercises use your own body weight and no extra equipment is required. The app saves our progress, which can be shared. The negative part is that its free mode is limited. It is available on Android and iOS.

10. YogaPlus

If what you are looking for is a little less intensity and a plus of meditation, perhaps this is the most suitable app for you. It is a good application both to start in the world of yoga and to carry out more advanced sessions thanks to its tutorials. It also has a version for both Android and iOS.

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These are the 10 best apps to exercise without going to the gym
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