The fake doctor from A Coruña had already worked in a nursing home in Lugo

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The Civil Guard arrested her in February 2020 for labor intrusion, false documents and for a crime against public health

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Add and continue in the case of the false doctor arrested last Monday in A Coruña for practicing in a mutual without having the degree or having ever studied medicine. If on Tuesday it became known that at the end of 2019 she had been denounced by the A Coruña Medical Association for posing as a Chuac specialist, using false stamps from the A Coruña Hospital, working as a doctor for the Red Cross and forging prescriptions, now It is confirmed that shortly after she was arrested for becoming employed as a doctor in a nursing home in Outeiro de Rei.

“Yes, yes, she is the same woman,” sources close to the process opened by the medical group against the scammer confirmed this Friday.

The adventures of the supplanter in the province of Lugo were the subject of a special operation by the Civil Guard, called Domus, which tracked her from November 2019 to February 2020, when she was finally arrested and brought to justice for labor intrusion. falsification of official certificates, false documents and for a crime against public health.

The arrest of the woman, who was then 26 years old, was carried out as a result of a complaint filed by the Lugo Medical Association, where she, with her tricks, managed to obtain a membership number for a time. At the beginning of October 2019, she had started working in the Lugo nursing home, pending delivery of the documentation proving her degree. On October 17, he went to the Lugo school to request his collegiate number (mandatory requirement to practice) with a certificate of studies with the list of subjects taken at the University of Santiago and the request for the title, since he had supposedly just finished the career and still did not have it in his possession. She also asked for a private prescription pad and another for narcotics that she picked up just fifteen days later, on October 30. However, the next day, a complaint at the College warned that the young woman had worked in previous years in Ferrol but as a pharmacy technician, not as a doctor, a profession she boasted about on social networks. Apparently, the woman, A native of the province of A Coruña, he had completed a FP cycle.

La falsa médica de A Coruña ya había ejercido en una residencia de mayores de Lugo

Given the suspicion, the professional entity contacted the Compostela university, which confirmed on November 5 that it had never been enrolled at USC, so that both the certification of subjects taken and the documentation requesting the degree in medicine and surgery that he had presented were false.

The Lugo Medical Association itself transferred the information about the fake doctor's fraud to the Outeiro Rei nursing home, where she worked for about a month, and in an urgent meeting of the board of directors decided to annul the association and file a complaint. In addition, he demanded the return of the prescription pads. "She delivered them and fortunately she had not spent any," say members of the entity at the time. The institution filed a lawsuit for this reason and, according to the same sources, it is still pending a date for the trial.

The investigation of the Civil Guard culminated in her arrest three months later, in February 2020. But in that quarter she did not leave her simulation or perform other work as a doctor, apparently even outside Galicia.

On December 19, 2019, it was the College of Physicians of A Coruña that reported her to the police upon learning from a patient that she had prescribed drugs with a false Chuac stamp, in addition to having previously carried out other health actions. for which she did not have a degree and even publicize herself on social networks as a doctor at the hospital complex in A Coruña. In this case, the oral hearing for trespassing and forgery is already set for next month in A Coruña, and both the prosecutor and the private prosecution, brought by the A Coruña school, request a sentence of four years in prison.

Register with false documents: a very difficult task

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Now, to her history is added the last arrest on January 24, also in A Coruña, when the same woman was again arrested posing as a doctor in a mutual in the city.

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The fake doctor from A Coruña had already worked in a nursing home in Lugo
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