EU approves the first transparent covers that is linked to your mobile

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Since the appearance of the pandemic because of the Coronavirus, one of the most used utensils around the world to avoid infected is the cover, which is why the American firm Leaf decided to create its own version of this article but with the difference of beingTransparent, in addition to self-purifying and has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, according to the information presented on its website.

Also, this device is equipped with a HEPA N99 +filter, in addition to there are three models that can adapt to the needs of users: Leaf Hepa, Leaf UV and Leaf Pro.

"We designed Leaf to be transparent so that we could be normal even in abnormal times," said the Leaf team.Created by RedCliffe Medical Devices in Michigan, the covers have a coating prevents the material from being blurred with breathing, in addition to this mask device being cleaned automatically.

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EU aprueba el primer cubrebocas transparente que se vincula a tu móvil

With the aim of recovering normal, in addition to being transparent to keep the face of its bearer, Leaf located its filter system in the mask chin area.Users can even decide whether they prefer head straps or ears, as well as the color of the exhaust lip and intake valves.

For those who like technology, the LEAF PRO works together with an iOS / Android application to control ventilation and verify air quality in its immediate area.It will also give you information about your metabolism and your CO2 levels.

Similarly, the transparent design of Leaf does not hinder the use of other technologies, since it is necessary to remove the mask to use the facial recognition of your phone.

It also allows you to enter any area where you should verify your identity, whether a government or customs building of the airport.

Who can use it?

With four different sizes available, Leaf works for all three -year -old people onwards.At this time, Leaf is available through the Micromecenazgo website for Indiegogo creative projects, based on $ 49, where it already raised more than 1.4 million dollars.

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EU approves the first transparent covers that is linked to your mobile
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