The complete Snapchat filters list and the best to use!

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Snapchat filters selection changes daily.It's great to add some variation to your selfie game, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.If you want to choose Snapchat's best filter for your photos, we have it covered.

This Snapchat filters list covers the essential: the basic filters offered by Snapchat, how to access their local geophiltros and the amount of lenses we can locate.We also have some suggestions for you about when each photo editing tool is more appropriate.

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La lista básica de filtros de Snapchat

Snapchat terminology can be a bit confusing;especially if you are new on the platform.However, it is only one of the many things that all Snapchat users must know.

To clarify, Snapchat filters are the effects you can add to your snapshot after taking a photo or video;While the lenses are shown while taking the photo.You can see the filters currently available sliding your finger to the left and right in your photo or video before sending it to your friends.

1.Clarify2.Sepia3.High contrast4.In black and white5.Speed overlap6.Temperature overlap7.Altitude overlap8.Overlapping time9.Slow speed (only video) 10.Accelerate (only video) 11. Super Speed ​​(solo video)12.Reverse (only video) 13.Special occasion (these filters have a time limit; and they generally have to do with holidays, an event or only the day of the week).

Geofiltros de Snapchat

When sliding to the left and to the right through the Snapchat filters, you can see that some of the latest options are related to your current location or an event you attend.These are Snapchat geophilt.

They are very fun to collect.After all, if you climb Mount Everest, isn't it a Snapchat geophiltro the way you want to announce your achievements to the world?(That's exactly what Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards did.You can see your adventure in Snapchat in

If you do not see any geophiltro, there are two main things that can cause this problem.First, if you live in a rural area, it is very possible that they do not exist.Second, you may not have enabled location services for your Snapchat application;You can activate this in the configuration application of your phone.

It is impossible to list all geophiltros, some cities have one or more for each neighborhood and some buildings even have their own selection.If you think that an important place is missing a geophiltro (or if you want a geophiltro to automatically appear in your next party or event), you can always send yours.

La gran lista de lentes de Snapchat

Snapchat lenses are some of Snapchat's most popular features;so popular that, in fact, Instagram also offers self -fot filters now.

La lista completa de filtros de Snapchat ¡Y los mejores para usar!

To apply a Snapchat lens, touch and hold the face of a person with the front or rear camera.Your phone will "map" your face and then all available lenses will appear at the bottom of your screen.Touch each one to try it.Most lenses will work both in videos and photos.

Be sure to read the instructions of each filter when they appear, since several lenses will work with several people or react when you perform an action (such as opening your mouth or lifting your eyebrows).Some even have fun back music, sound effects or modify the way your voice sounds;So increase your volume.

The available lenses change every day.There is no guarantee that you always have access to your favorites.

Here is a list of all Snapchat lenses that we could track (more than 80), organized by the type of printing they send.

Las mejores lentes para una Snapchat clásica

We all know these.Classic lenses are an ubiquitous part of Snapchat;And at least one of these filters is almost always available.Of course, they are exaggerated;But they are also classic for one reason: these filters are never out of place.

1.Dog with tongue hanging2.Classic Crown and Brillo3 Flower.Pink Flower Crown Glower4.PUKING RAINBOW5.Rosy Cheeks Re-Touch6.Dancing Hot Dog7.FACE EXCHANGE8.Change Change Chamber9.Extreme sad face10.Gold butterfly crown

Las mejores lentes de Snapchat para hacerte ver bien

Honestly, I would always prefer to see the real faces of my friends than an edited photo.But you can't deny that several Snapchat filters can replace makeup or not shaving on a bad day.While you remember that there are no real -life lenses, these lenses can help you achieve an impossible airfield effect.

Of course, some of the most beautiful Snapchat filters have already mentioned you in the previous list;But they also ensure that their appearance is at the point.

1.Black and white with red lipstick and eye eyeliner2.Black and white with colored sunglasses3.Enjoyados and Lipsting Pink4 Eyes.Glam of the 50 [red lipstick and a headband with handkerchief] 5.Disagted beard and chiseled jaw 6."I love you" fog.Comic drawing8.Cat ears, eyes and nose9.Purple and tattoos lipstick10.Halo and make light

Las mejores lentes de Snapchat para dar pesadillas a tus amigos

Some of the lenses offered by Snapchat are legitimately terrifying.Some are afraid of jumping, others have spooky bugs, and others should never have done in the first place.If you want to prevent your friends from resting in peace, these are the lenses you should send.

1.Malvavisco being roasted2.Zombie shouting3.X4 ray skeleton skull.Human Hybrid-Pug5.Molten plastic mask6.FACE IN FIRE.Your mouth like eyes8.Spider hat9.Tormentous cloud and bright eyes10.Lizard Face Lens

Las mejores lentes de Snapchat para hacer reír a tus amigos

Okay, let's say you prefer to make your friends laugh instead of crying.Fortunately, Snapchat has tons of lenses that are nothing more than a good fun.These lenses manipulate your facial features in ridiculous proportions;and encourage fun situations that your friends cannot stop laughing.

1.Cat on the head2.Eyes jumping from your head3.Big Eyes Big Mouth 4.Little big eyes of chin5.Large Boca and Nariz6.Little Boca7.Chewing explosion8.Diver.Weeping eyes10.Heart eyes

Las mejores lentes de Snapchat para vivir una vida alternativa

Have you ever been sitting at work wishing to be another person?Snapchat has the solution.With these lenses, you can pretend to be who you want.

1.Firefighter2.Police officer3.Pilot with flight glasses4.Age of yourself (wrinkles and a monocle) 5.Grandma glasses and head envelope6.Elvis7.Magazine cover 8.Empollón9.Red Little Red Riding Hood10.Santa Claus

Las mejores lentes Snapchat relacionadas con animales

If there is an area in which Snapchat stands out, it is to create strangely addictive animal themes.These are just some of the many animals in which Snapchat lenses can transform you.

1.Deer that changes the voice 2.Busy from honey.Rapper bee4.Zebra face.Glam lion with eye eyeliner.Animal ears with glasses (touch to change between several animals) 7.Rainbow Puking Unicorn8.Mouse ears with cheese.Realistic monkey face10.Raccoon

Las lentes de Snapchat más molestas

As mentioned above, some Snapchat lenses should never have occurred.These are those that, whether spooky or strange, are too much to handle.Send them carefully, even seeing yourself in the preview can be a bit overwhelming.

1.Green sick face with thermometer2.Demonic bunny3.Orange shouts4.Boxing with black eye5.Lights off with spiders6.Diablo to Angel Transition7.Peanut in the head with flies88.Angry skull9.Laser eyes10.Evilish laugh with a spooky mustache

Las mejores lentes Snapchat relacionadas con la comida

Do you like food?Do you like food so much that you often want to become food?Or carry it in your head?Perfect.Snapchat has a lens (or five) for you.

1.FACE IN PAN2.Tomato face3.Strawberry head4.Buñuelo face5.Taco face

Las mejores lentes de Snapchat para el invierno

When it's cold outside, there is nothing better than enjoying the warm glow of your smartphone.Okay, that's a lie.But at least you can have fun with the inclement weather thanks to these filters.

1.Snow falling2.CoCHCHERE ALCE HAT3.Sling Shot4 snowball.Ice crown with 5 frozen screen.Ski glasses

20 lentes Snapchat que NO estábamos seguros de cómo clasificar

Sometimes Snapchat exceeds how random their lens options are.These lenses are in their own league, without anything like them before or after.

1.Under the Mar2 crown.Cartoon Bunny3.Andy Warhol4.Rota5 screen.Pompon headband with lipstick that changes color 6.Spa day (cucumber eyes, mask and towel) 7.Bill de Pato with purple eye shadow and glasses88.Emoji9 mono.Alienigena abduction 10.Flame face11.Broken mirror12.Wolf whistle with heart eyes13.Within a fish bowl14.Cyclope15.Iron Man16 system view.FACGO HAT RANA17.Tiki Hut18.Motorcycle, Bandana and Barba.19.Fish face20.Heep in the head

Rascarse la superficie de Snapchat

One hundred lenses later, and we have barely scratched the surface of all the lenses that have been released since September 2015.As silly that are the lenses, Snapchat has used them to continue their complete redefinition of how people communicate online.It doesn't matter who you are still in Snapchat, you are likely to wear filters and lenses regularly;something that was basically unknown until a few years ago.

For more information about the use of Snapchat, consult our article about everything you need to know about the Snapchat Memories.


The complete Snapchat filters list and the best to use!
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