The best permanent lipsticks and trend of spring 2021, from Maybelline to Carolina Herrera or Dior

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From Maybelline to Carolina Herrera, going through Dior or Guerlain.These are the best permanent lipsticks (in trend) of this spring/summer 2021!

When we welcomed the New Year, before putting ourselves to present the trends of 2021 as far as lipstickfavorite lipsticks.And the truth is that today we continue to defend the same.Despite continuing immersed in a pandemic, the presentations of the new beauty products lines continue its course.

Prada, Etro or Isabel Marant were some of the great fashionable house that uploaded their spring/summer 2021 collections to a catwalk without a trace of makeup lips.However, although it was not thought that lip bars could be positioned as a maximum trend when the continuous use of the masks began to be discussed, in the middle of April we lived dreaming about the new proposals (and also, the most classic) oflipsticks of firms such as Guerlain, Carolina Herrera, Bourjois or Rimmel London.


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Of course, this year brands with cosmetics linelips.

What color bar color is this spring/summer 2021?Well, although it may seem somewhat strange, the red lipstick has an emotional power that is above all (even a pandemic).That is why both the Rouge 999 Velvet of Dior and the Coco Bloom Rouge of Chanel have become the new ally of the Beauty Lovers (although they will never go out of style -Tampoco- the pastel tones).


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Recall that in Great Britain, during World War II, cosmetics production was paralyzed except for red lipstick.It was considered that it was an indispensable product capable of fighting with the low spirits that the war left in its path.And that, in 1941, American women were recommended to face the attacks by Pearl Harbor.

The red color is synonymous with claim, power and glamor.Perhaps that was the reason why iconic women like Coco Chanel, Josephine Baker or Grace Kelly also bet on that lipstick.And you, with what lipstick do you stay for this new season?

Discover the best lipsticks for this spring/summer 2021!

The best permanent lipsticks and trend of spring 2021, from Maybelline to Carolina Herrera or Dior
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