Amazon's 10 best -selling beauty products: a facial serum with hyaluronic acid, a mask to repair hair after summer

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"In a context as in which we are, the marketplaces and in particular Amazon are among the main channels that users use to search and buy beauty and personal care products.But there is a lot of competition and it is essential.

According to this consultant closely linked to the world of cosmetics, working with brands such as Coty and with its own technology that allows it to obtain very relevant data and analyze the trends of digital markets, the aesthetics sector is located in the top 10 of searchesIn Amazon.

Hair and shave plates

It seems that by not being able to test cosmetics as in a store, they still cost more products such as lipsticks, however, electrical appliances or Beauty gadgets shoot and sweep searches."Electronic products destined for beauty and personal care have positioned themselves as one of the most profitable niches within Amazon, since items such as razor or pulsed light machines have increased their tracking by 960 % in the last year"This spokesman explains.

On the other hand, five of the 10 most wanted subcategories correspond to the care of the mane.For example, 'Hair iron' is the seventh most important term and is among the most clipped references on Amazon, increasing its interaction by 37% compared to the principle of the year data.

The list of the most bought

Surely before I finished reading this list of beauty basics taken from Amazon, you will have fallen in love with a product.And it is not surprising because they are the most acquired and best valued by users for their value for money.We have the definitive selection to renew the bag by clicking.And you can buy them directly here.

1.Vitamin C serum

All dermatologists insist that the most interesting assets for the skin are basically two: vitamin A at night and C per day, although the latter is difficult to synthesize in a cosmetic.Hence this serum has become a star product on Amazon.The best proof of success is the more than 22.000 opinions (and up) with which this facial product counts on the platform and that have elevated it to the first place of its best selling list, where it remains without rival.Its formula, designed by the Florence Bio Comesi brand, also includes vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, essential to hydrate the skin.

Buy it here at a price of 13.95 euros.

2.Phillips Knife Spare parts

Los 10 productos de belleza más vendidos de Amazon: un sérum facial con ácido hialurónico, una mascarilla para reparar el cabello después del verano

That beauty is a matter of women has gone down in history.And the best proof of this is that the spare parts of the shaving blades are in the Amazon sales top, with the second position.While they also use them to shave with a blade, it is clear that beards require continuous use of this accessory that is usually at a more interesting price.The pack contains two removable blades that cut, emerge and shave.Each lasts four months and incorporate Oneblade technology.

Buy them here at a price of 19 euros (with a 24%discount).

3.Spray all in one

Repair dry and damaged hair.It brings shine and controls the frizz.It is a good thermal protector.Provides softness and silky.Protect color and wear UVA and UVB filters.Facilitates Brushing and iron management.It has an unbridled effect.And keep the hairsty.All this promises the product of Revlon Professional Uniq One Classic 150 ml, located in the Top 3.This is a spray spray that functions as a conditioner without clarified and luxury spa treatment for the hair without leaving home.

Buy it here at a price of 6.45 euros (with a 28% discount).


In the beauty routine there are three steps: clean, tone and hydrate the skin, in this order.But if the first one does not do well and with the right product, the rest will not have the same effect, because creams do not hydrate the same about a dirty pure.Hence the dermatologists insist on the importance of removing the dirt from the face daily, at least before going to sleep, and although we have not made makeup.Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel.

Buy it here at a price of 5.80 euros (with a 55%discount).

5.Canas Reducer Shampoo

One of the curiosities that sneak into this decalogue is this shampoo for men.GX control promises to reduce gray hair gradually, hence the interest of users.And it is clear that it works, judging by sales and comments.As simple as wash your hair daily and with a natural result."I use it for the beard, it costs to lose the gray hair is a very progressive process but it ends up," slides one of the users.Of course, they recommend it more for dark hair than in golden hair.

Buy it here at a price of 7.88 euros (with a discount of 21%).

6.Beard trimming machine

With the comfort of not having cables in between.Philips 3730 is a wireless electric shaver that has a renewed and evolved aspect with respect to its predecessor model.It is resistant, attractive and elegant, with the possibility of exchange heads that will allow you to obtain a much more personalized and attractive appearance.The accessories of this philips shaving model are made with the highest quality, providing comfort and comfort in each pass, eliminating hair quickly by reducing the time of use and increasing user satisfaction after an incomparable result.Hence it is a hit in sales.

Buy it here at a price of 24 euros (with a 20%discount).

7.Goat milk mask

As we have already insisted, the hair is star among the most desired and again a product of the Polish firm Ziaja for the hair for less than five euros sneaks into the 10 best selling.Users highlight that the smell is very pleasant and with a small amount you have more than enough.In 2018, the Polish firm specialized in pharmaceutical and cosmetics articles based on natural ingredients launched its first line formulated with goat milk.An ingredient barely used in the beauty sector that moisturizes the skin and helps repair and regenerate it.It also improves elasticity, softens wrinkles and stimulates collagen and elastin.

Buy it here at a price of 2.75 euros (with a 5%discount).

8.No Yellow Shampoo

Non Yellow Fanola shampoo is special to clarify blondes and neutralize golden reflexes contributing to hair a bright, homogeneous and cold reflex.It is the mythical violet shampoo that prevents blond hair from getting yellowish or gray derived from natural oxidation or external agents such as sun and heat tools.Hence it is a bestseller among blondes that do not have silly hair.

Buy it here at a price of 9.20 euros (with a 11%discount).

9.Philips razor

"The machinilla works very well, hurrying the shaving quite and does not leave you irritated skin.It shaves much more than others, it is fast and flexible, without using foam or cream ".This is one of the positive valuations of the Philips Oneblade QP2520/30, a shave with an indicator of the battery life, cover to take it on a trip, support to load it, blockade to avoid accidents and blades that last four months.All this, for a pocket price that makes it even more interesting.

Buy it here at a price of 30.59 euros (with a 32%discount).

10.Cream deodorant

The product that closes the listing of the best sellers is from the Lancaster firm, and it is an deodorant in cream format, avoiding the pollution of aerosols and more respectful for the skin.Presented in tube, it is antibacteriological, does not obstruct the pores, calm and softens.Although the price may seem high, it spreads a lot, because a small amount protects from sweat all day and consists of 125 ml the unit.Without aluminum, without alcohol, for sensitive skin, anti -wins and antitranspirant, it is one of those beauty articles through which time does not pass and they are always demanded.

Buy it here at a price of 6.95 euros.

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Amazon's 10 best -selling beauty products: a facial serum with hyaluronic acid, a mask to repair hair after summer
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