Telva wrinkles on the lips: effective solutions to rejuvenate your mouth

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Lip wrinkles usually appear with age as a result of repeating certain gestures such as smoking, kissing, talking...Smoking people usually have the most marked barcode, although those wrinkles or vertical folds around the lips can also appear due to dental problems.Some experts, such as Dr. Paula Rosso, of the Lajo Plaza Medical Center, believe that the use of masks can worsen the wrinkles of the lips for two reasons: "On the one hand, dryness and lack of oxygenation, there is no doubtThat dry and bad oxygenated skin is more prone to 'break', and on the other hand, when we bring your mouth, we gesture more to make us understand ".According to the expert, the barcode "is produced by repeated muscle contraction that ends up breaking the skin.In this area are the orbicular muscle of the mouth deeply and surrounding the entire lip, then there is a layer of fat and then the skin.With the passage of time, that layer of fat is lost and the skin is refined, so that repeated contractions make wrinkles mark ".

How to take care of the lips to keep them young and without wrinkles

Maybe you only remember your lips when painting them, but that delicate skin and the entire surrounding area need care daily.On the one hand, being a very fine skin and without sebaceous glands, it is normal for dehydration, any age, genetics or the inclement weather.Both extreme cold, with environmental dryness (for heating) are great enemies and that is why a moisturizing balm should be used daily.Paz Torralba, director of The Beauty Concept centers, advises choosing "a cream enriched with vitamin A, C or E, to prevent them from drying out and wrinkles that curse the area and then become wounds".To protect them from the sun's rays, you should use a balm with UVA-UVB protection whenever you are going to be exposed.

In addition, Paz Torralba advises to offer them other care such as exfoliation once a week."As we do with our faces, leaving the product to work in an enzymatic way and working a little in a mechanical way.You don't have to work very strongly this area with peel because the skin is very fine.After exfoliation, apply a mask to hydrate in depth ".

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The expert also recommends "making a massage in the area of the barcode and lips and including it in our daily routine".And it is that the contour of the lips, as is the contour of the eyes, is also more delicate, and, above all, it is subject to great muscular activity that, over time, is reflected in the famousvertical wrinkles that appear in the peribucal zone.From the 40, you should use a specific cream for the contour of the lips, in fact look because there are many cosmetics for the eye contour that also serve for this area.

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Creams to take care of the lip contour and avoid your aging

Creams to take care of the lip contour and avoid your aging

And if you already have wrinkles on your lips, with these treatments you can eliminate them

Combined Blanching.Dr. Paula Rosso, from the Lajo Plaza Medical Center, advises this technique to erase the barcode.It has two phases: in the first one infiltrates a small amount of very elastic hyaluronic acid, and in a fan, between the skin and the muscle to recover the fat layer that has been lost making a kind of support.Next, the Blanching technique would be done, injecting a hyaluronic acid (Teosyal, Teoxane) lighter at the superficial level in each wrinkle.Price: from 350 euros (Lajo Plaza Center).

Fracted CO2 laser resurfacing.Dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla, surgeon and expert in facial aesthetic medicine, advises this laser tool to eliminate wrinkles from the lips.In addition, the treatment allows to renew aging skin, stimulating the formation of new skin, more turgid and without wrinkles.The laser interacts with the skin, eliminating its superficial layers for renewal and contracting and regenerating the deep layers to tighten it.Price: from 1000 euros (Dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla clinic).

MINIHILOS Pdo.From the Slow Life House center they argue that "when vertical wrinkles are very marked, polycidoxanone threads are very effective.In addition to generating tension and blurring grooves, they generate new collagen, which treats the bar code and improves skin density and quality.The tensioning result is instantaneous and wrinkles are reduced, but it is from three weeks when collagen begins.The treatment consists of the infiltration of very fine small threads on the surface tissues of the dermis through small needles ".Price: 250 euros (Slow Life House).

Telva wrinkles on the lips: effective solutions to rejuvenate your mouth
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